Garlic-stinking Frenchwoman: "Brit kids are so thick."

It's good to see that, after all these years, the French and the British still love each other intensely....

Rant ... Julie Bois in photo she posted
on internet site. She says that British kids are dumb

Kids see French miss' Net rant

June 23, 2007

The two year old British girls with an IQ of 152 -

A GRAMMAR school’s French mistress has launched an internet rant at her British pupils — claiming some are “little s***s” who should be SLAPPED.

Julie Bois, who is French, lashed out in an online blog in which she also branded some of her schoolchildren “thick”.

And she told how she dreaded “killer” parents’ evenings, saying: “I hate having to shake all those hands. Some are so wet and flabby.”

Mademoiselle Bois, 28, posted the attack on bloggers’ site — but hastily removed it after it received scores of hits. Many were from her pupils at Chesham High School, Bucks.

In her blog, which she calls Miss Frenchie’s World, she moaned about some Year 11 pupils and called them thick because they “miserably failed” their mock GCSEs.

She wrote: “They are so c**p sometimes. Some are just really thick. But they still manage to make me laugh with their stupidity.

“You also have the little s***s’ parents who can’t believe their kid is a nightmare. What a shame that we can’t say, ‘Please slap him/her, tell him/her he/she is a little s***’. No, we have to be positive.

That’s one thing we don’t do in France — if you’re rubbish, you’re rubbish.”

One pupil said: “News of the blog went round like wildfire. People couldn’t believe she’d be so naive.”

Classes ... Chesham High

Mademoiselle Bois, who lives in High Wycombe and posted her picture on the Net, has been teaching at the 900- pupil school for three years.

Ofsted has praised the school’s “supportive atmosphere” and “attentive” students.

Last night Mademoiselle Bois went into a flap when questioned by The Sun.

She first said: “I didn’t put it on there — it was not me.” Then she said: “I don’t want to talk about it. It’s a private matter. I’m not saying whether I regret anything.”

Headmaster Tim Andrew said last night: “An allegation has been made of inappropriate comments being posted involving pupils and parents.

“The school takes a situation such as this very seriously and will take whichever action is appropriate.”
It's a shame that you've obtained this information from the most renouned gossip tabloid in Britain. Miss Bois was my French teacher at school and is a lovely person who respects students who respect her, and she certainly doesn't have anything against the whole of the English population. Some pupils are ****heads, so are some parents. She made the mistake of not making her blog anonymous and I'm very sorry about what might happen to her because of it.