A problem for a new graduate !

Hi all,
Post-Graduation Work Permits allow graduate students to work after graduation. I finished my PhD last July. The post-graduation work program is designed to provide graduating students with Canadian work experience in their field of study. Students may work in Canada for up to two years after graduation. I got a job offer before I finish my studies (around June). I sent my work permit application to Vigreville. After one month of applying, I had many phone calls from the employer asking me to start the job because they can not wait more. After more two weeks, the employer told me that his company can not wait anymore and the job has gone. I got another job offer this week. I was waiting for my work permit to start working. It came this week after two months. It was a shock for me. It does not allow me to work except with the first employer who cancelled his job offer because of delaying. I contacted immigration and citizenship, they want me to apply for a new work permit with the second employer. Hey, I am paying now for two months from my reserve and now you want me to wait another two months. What is that ?
Anyone suggests solution. Is there a way to get a general work permit (not a specific employer)
Reverend Blair
I believe that you need to have a permit for a specific employer. It's a stupid rule, but a lot of people in this country seem to have forgotten that their families came here from elsewhere as well.

If I was you, I would explain the situation to the second employer and see if they can get the government to speed things up a bit. Companies, especially large ones, tend to be able to pull a few more strings than the average person.
I sent my new work permit application to Vigreville. I asked in the application to help me ASAP and they sent me a new workpermit in 20 days. Thanks for the canadian goverment and immigration staff.
Reverend Blair
Glad to hear that worked out for you, Tasamy.

Careful around that big egg in Vegreville...if it falls the whole place will be scrambled.

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