I'm back

Gonda blow logging in

we are being watched by the 5th planet of andromeda. The Gregorians are coming with superior weaponry. They are bound to have advanced technological systems above their class 6th kilngerion starships. Fear their leader. Intergalaxic peace is the only solution for these hostile creatures
I was abducted 3 months ago again after a hard day of working. It was 6 pm, keep this in mind. I woke up at 6pm TODAY and I was not at my home, I was out in my front yard. Worst of all, my anus was bleeding. I have heard about alien anal probes, does anyone know why they do this? I am not gay, by the way, so I did not enjoy the probing.Also, I used to be a major baseball player in my town but now I can't bat at all. Did the probe mess with my skillz? Thanks for the help here.
Powerful messages coming through for the one called zenfisher that were given to me through symbolism, which I prefer not to discuss, all being transmitted to zenfisher's canadian content mailbox...where is the one called peapod.
Hey Gonda good to have you back. That superior Gregorain weaponary does things to your ears, like you don't already know. Chances are, eh? Sorry, about the probing but I guess even Aliens need hobbies.
The Mistress of the Pea, The Podifier, The podmeitress... is around here somewhere. Keep your eyes peeled...if the greys haven't already done it for you.
Last year I found myself in a room with a very quiet, almost motionless pale skinned little pixie faced girl with long blonde hair, a pointed chin and the most intelligent eyes I have seen, a half alien half human hybrid called Helas.

I was acutely aware that she was a part of me, perhaps genetically. (Don't ask me how this could be possible - I know how absurd this sounds.) Even after this, the Entities (I think there were several operating together this time) did not leave me alone.

I was still mulling over the message when once again a well-known buzzing vibration invaded my entire body as I lay there. This time, it was uniform, soft, and it didn't hurt. It was similar to the sensation I usually have that precedes an OOBE (or perhaps an abduction)! An out of body experience immediately commenced: I floated straight up to the ceiling, then (anti-clockwise) around the perimeter of the room once, hugging the ceiling and then back down on to the bed.

A second OOBE followed almost instantaneously, and this virtually mirrored the first. It seemed as if someone was testing the device usually used to transport me. I want to state that during these strange flights, I could not, and usually do not see myself on the bed, so this is not an NDE.

Then I had the third OOBE. Third time around, I rose up off the bed, straight through the ceiling, up through the flat above (an empty bedroom), through the next one up (which was also empty) and up into yet a third room which should not have been there. By rights I should have been on the roof. I vaguely recall a room with steely grey coloured walls that appeared to be made of slabs of granite stone. Here, I bounced around quite weightless, trying to float out of the large windows on one side of the room, the same way I had just gone through several ceilings, but for some reason, I couldn't get out of that room. I recall trying to get through the windows feet first, and solidly bouncing back.

Suddenly, I found myself flying along at tree height in an unknown city that looked like an eastern bloc town (I spent 5 years studying in Russia). Interestingly, I had to flap my arms like a bird to keep myself in the air. I had to particularly concentrate flapping my arms to prevent myself falling out of the sky, and felt at first exhilarated to have the power of flight.

This predicament kept me occupied for quite a few minutes. I flew past dingy blocks of flats at street lamp height, no one seemed to see me. I saw a railroad nearby, on it slowly moved a small diesel locomotive, the type used for shunting wooden goods wagons. After flapping around energetically for a few minutes, I got bored and decided I wanted to go home. I was just beginning to get frantic when the scene suddenly disappeared as suddenly as it appeared, and I found myself in bed again. Time had jumped once more and it was broad daylight. I could not help realizing that the "Bird man sequence" at the end of my experience must have been created by this (or these entities) tapping into my memories of the eastern bloc, and playing on the basic human fancy to fly unaided like a bird, to keep me mentally occupied while they did whatever they wanted to do.

That reality mind warp has been used on me at least once before. I would like to know what really happened during those moments that have been so cleverly shielded from my conscious memory. I have been having OOBE's since December 27, 1993. I have no doubt these are not dreams or sleep paralysis. I have consciously noticed myself rise off the bed, and float backwards out of the window feet first, slowly turn from the horizontal to the vertical position (through a rather precise angle of 90 degrees) while floating in mid air, and shoot upwards. Then I can't remember anymore.

I can also clearly recall on occasion suddenly waking up to find myself inexplicably diving head first towards the bedroom window, going through it like it wasn't there, and just before I slowly settled down horizontally on to my side of the bed observe two humanoid entities sitting on the bed, around my wife. (This was sometime in 1994.) There have been other unexplained paranormal incidents, some tied into OOBE's, others clearly evidence of increased psychic ability.

No matter what anybody thinks, I am afraid I do not subscribe to the Temporal Lobe Epilepsy theory, (apologies to Dr. Susan Blackmore). The appearance of a Blue Man (or Woman ?- the eyes were female) in my bedroom has really knocked me for six. I saw him (or her). She was there. She was real. What did he or she want? I am sure I am not alone in having experiences like this. This probably was an abduction experience. It isn't my first. Why is this happening? Why me?

I think the Governments of the world, including the Dubya Government know about these Alien Visitations. There is probably a great deal they are not telling us. I only want to know what is going on, and I want the world to understand that the Abduction phenomenon is really happening.
I've never experienced anything like that,similar.... I have had some ...Beyond Odd Overtly Zealous Episodes. Especially on.. Days Requiring Unusal Grappling Sequences. These are however, temporary afflictions. They have been known to recur...that is usually due to issues with my own personality, rather than the cause of outside stimuli.

I feel for you man. It can't be easy to cope sliding from one plane of reality to another. I would not entirely discount the temporal lobe epilepsy theory. I had seizures when I was younger and they can play a real number on the brain. I'm not trying to discount what you've experienced, moreso trying to theorize as to how the aliens are accomplishing their abductions.

It could very well be the aliens initiate a seizure. This state allows them to manipulate your body to defy certain physical realities we have not yet discovered how to use. At best a theory, but after all you have experienced...any kind of rationalization might prove helpful.

Glad your back Gonda
Peace out
Blimey! you been busy gonda.
Real aliens do not do "anal probes'. That is a myth. But if you need to be pointed in right direction to remove an "implant" let me know.

The real truth

Diferent species

The Illuminati and the Galactic Federation

Citizens against UFO secrecy

The decision to return to the moon and establish a human presence there can mean one of two things. Either it means that the reports of aliens warning us away from the moon during early missions there were false, or it means that the aliens no longer pose a threat to human visitation, and possibly habitation, of the moon.

If we accept the premise that early astronauts encountered an alien presence on the moon that warned humanity against further expeditions there, this new mission to the moon takes on an altogether different light. Whilst such a theory would explain why there were no manned missions to the moon following Apollo 17, it also raises a number of questions as Mankind prepares to land on the moon once more. Specifically, the question must be asked "What has changed?" If aliens warned us off the moon once, why would they now be comfortable with us returning there after 23 years?
After the first anal probe,there would be some blood loss.But,any later probes should be relatively painless Don't ask how I know this
Missile, you can't drop bombs like that and not explain! Some of us (me, especially) are intensely curious.
Vanni Fucci
Hey Gonda...ummm...sans Blow...

I don't think I've had the pleasure, as yet, of making your acquaintance...so ummm...Hi...

A word of advice: If ever you are abducted again, which appears to be a given, ask after Mr. Danforth...they'll know what you mean, and it will open many doors of opportunity not available to your run-of-the-mill abductee...

...and of course, that's when the real fun begins...WOOT!!

PS. anal probes are for sissies
Thank you kind citizens of the planet. Please help my friend. Can anyone answer his question.

SOS Gonda
A week ago from today I was abducted. I was sleeping in my college dorm and awoke to something that felt like a snake slithering all over me. I opened my eyes, and to my surprise I saw two beings over me, not humans, but similar. They seemed much skinnier and shorter, and their skin seemed almost reptile-like. I don't remember too much else about my experience. The next morning I woke up and everything was OK, except I was missing a testicle. Why would they do this to me?

Backy McCracky
Sound like Grey's to me. Don't worry they are friendly. Reptilians are taller and not so friendly.
Gonda ... delighted to make your esteemed acquaintance. Peapod and Galianomoma have told me much about you. I have been anxiously awaiting your return.

I suspect we have met already, Dear Gonda, on the Mothership. Your words are hauntingly familiar to me. Perhaps it was the time they brought aboard five frogs, a lemur and seven neo-cons? That was quite the experiment! All that screaming about "I ain't gay" as they performed the anal probes. If you recall it, do let me know.

As for your poor friend, I have information for him. The Mothership was able to contact me briefly when I took my tinfoil hat off to shower, and gave me the following url. I do hope it is helpful.

Until we meet again, I am most pleased to be able to communicate with you here in cyberspace, tinfoil hat firmly in place. BTW ... have you tried that new "non stick" tinfoil? Something in the embossed writing on it adds an extra layer of protection.

The next morning I woke up and everything was OK, except I was missing a testicle. Why would they do this to me?

Maybe they need your testicle to reproduce with them to make Hybirds?

Hybrids are said to be the results of cross-breeding between different species of humans and aliens.

BTW: The Mothership is hiding on the side of the moon that never faces earth.

BTW2: The Reptilians control the grey's to some extent, whilst the grey's control the New World Order, which in turns controls the Illuminati which does two things A) Controls each and every world government and B) Spreads dis information to the public.
The best way of defending yourself against alien abduction is the Mr. Wongs martial arts method.
Kick their F___en a_s and take names later.
The only good alien is a dead one. Forgive me, the liberal side of me was expressing itself.
I beg forgiveness for my outburst. Shall we move forward.
Update on Negativity in Alien Species

I monitored the forum and have seen the subject of human mutilation come up. I do not think this is likely and will tell you why.

As I have stated before, there is evidence that the Greys have been around for many centuries. There are paintings that have pictures of UFOs. There are even some older rock paintings and sculptures of the Greys themselves. Now this would mean that if they wanted to invade for any reason, they would have done it a long time ago (I have stated this often). However one could argue that we are some sort of food that they are ripening for some sort of harvest. I will prove why this is wrong.

It is well known that during abductions, two Grey types are usually reported (with all the in-betweens such as hybrids). These are the tall control Aliens and the smaller drone aliens. Many abductees report that they feel that the smaller ones are soulless creations used for the menial work. This can be proved to be logical because they (the tall Greys) would have a useful source of labour that would do as it is told and never complain. So this proves that:

a. They are able to create organic robots that can be 'programmed' somehow to do anything.


b. Therefore, if they wanted some sort of food: they would just create a docile, soulless sort of human. Just like a sort of cattle.

So anyway, a further logical conclusion might be that they are ultimately non-aggressive and are here to study/alter themselves/help us etc.

If they are here to help us (to which most evidence points), they will eventually reveal themselves (naturally this could take many years until they decide the human race is ready to know OR they might be forced to reveal themselves for drastic reasons [to prevent a nuclear war, natural disaster etc]). In all cases, they would need to prove that they are non-hostile. People would find information of their past activities and decide of their true nature. They know this and they therefore do not do anything that can be perceived as bad such as:

a. They never deceive as perceived humanly. If they are asked a question but they do not want the truth to be revealed, they will keep quiet (as is well known to happen) instead of lie.

b. They prevent human harm under all circumstances. I have read books ( quite a few actually) and incidents on the internet about when a person gains control of the situation and comes out of paralysis. Cases like this usually end with one or more aliens with a broken neck. Never, even at the moments before the alien's death, will it ever use aggression. This means that they would never kill a human. And therefore, any cases of human mutilation are hoaxes or disinformation.

Please reply with your questions or opinions.
Pow! Right in the kisser!

Who says you have to be a passive victim of alien abduction?

Would you meekly submit to a mugger in a dark hallway? Wouldn't you try to defend yourself? What's the difference between a nasty human and an indifferent alien? Why do you think they do so many abductions? Because they have learned that humans DON'T FIGHT BACK!

It's possible to fight back, but it has to be instinctive... you have to be able to strike without thinking about it. If they are able to pick up your thoughts, they can disable you before you can hit them... but if you do make contact, you'll be pleasantly surprised: The little bastards will go down like sacks of flour if you pop them in the head! Those little pencil-necks can't take any sort of impact. The other aliens will be so shocked, they'll just scoop up their fallen comrade and skedaddle off to find some less war-like specimen, leaving you in peace.

So fight back, and just say "NO!"...and make their next human contact their last!
How to fight back during an abduction

How to tell if you have been raped by an alien

Fight back

The Mars Records

Alien Implant Removal and
Deactivation Method

I hope some of the above links help you through your abductions Gonda.

Are you gone for good again? Are you back on Andromeda? Hurrey back!
Greetings! I bring you important information!

An Aluminum Foil Deflector Beanie (AFDB) is a type of headwear that can shield your brain from most electromagnetic psychotronic mind control carriers. AFDBs are inexpensive (even free if you don't mind scrounging for thrown-out aluminium foil) and can be constructed by anyone with at least the dexterity of a chimp (maybe bonobo). This cheap and unobtrusive form of mind control protection offers real security to the masses. Not only do they protect against incoming signals, but they also block most forms of brain scanning and mind reading, keeping the secrets in your head truly secret. AFDBs are safe and operate automatically. All you do is make it and wear it and you're good to go! Plus, AFDBs are stylish and comfortable.

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BEWARE OF COMMERCIAL AFDBS: Since you should trust no one, always construct your AFDB yourself to avoid the risk of subversion and mental enslavement. Sometimes, AFDBs will be sold on places like eBay. Do not purchase these pre-made AFDBs, even if the seller seems trustworthy. They may contain backdoors, pinholes, integrated psychotronic circuitry or other methods that actually promote mind control.

AMIGA AND LINUX USERS: It is advised that you get a copy of MindGuard for your personal anti-psychotronic needs. Although an AFDB is an effective guard against most forms of psychotronic mind control, it is no substitute for the comprehensive protection afforded by MindGuard.
Reverend Blair
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Quote: Originally Posted by Gonda

Greetings! I bring you important information!

AMIGA AND LINUX USERS: It is advised that you get a copy of MindGuard for your personal anti-psychotronic needs. Although an AFDB is an effective guard against most forms of psychotronic mind control, it is no substitute for the comprehensive protection afforded by MindGuard.

with MindGuard!

I found the link. I ordered mine today!

AFDBs are safe and operate automatically. All you do is make it and wear it and you're good to go! Plus, AFDBs are stylish and comfortable.

To all of those that think "teleportation" is impossible, I have a question for you, How do you think aliens abduct people? Am I right Gonda?

Peas link worked for me Rev something must be going on with your computer

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