What should Canada do if there's a civil war in the U.S.?

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Much of the planet is praying for the next American civil war just so they can watch the napalm toast little American villages on the evening news.

You're too late. Meth has already toasted rural America.
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You're too late. Meth has already toasted rural America.

You really think you are going to meet Reeve Allushion in a crack house in Ohio??

You need a better one, Alaska holds a referendum to rejoin Russia and it passes with 111% voting for it. Lots of driving and once the only road in is blown up the next threat is the Navy coming across the ice on skis. The ones packing the ammo would be the first to fall through the ice.

Most common question, 'What an Alaska?'

Could be 100 year war at least.
Oh come on. Get with reality. Even knows you make the women pack the ammo to equal the weight of a man.
Here I thought they were captured rather than shot like the men for different reasons, have a family type of thing.
Canada could start the wall.
They are so popular.
Float the softwood lumber to Baja?? Swamp spruce could be planted and they would just see it as the 'impenetrable forest' that we Canadians do. 'Fuk that, I ain't goin out into 'that'.' is the most common reaction.