National Day of Mourning for Air India

There are a few things about this proclamation of a National Day of Mourning for the Air India bombing that raise questions.

Of course, I am treading on thin ice to even bring it up, so I will try to be respectfull and I hope any replies are too. There were 329 lives lost, and I extend sympathies to their loved ones.

First, is it for the victims, or is it about the event itself?

Second, the Canadian government insists on calling it a terrorism. I don't know if the Indian community are calling it that or if they refer to it as "the bombing". It fits the definition of terrorism, but it cheapens the sympathetic message to mix it up with BushCo's "war on terrorism".

It is sounding more and more like support for the [phoney] War on Terrorism, just some passion being drummed up to "go get 'em". It would be more honorable to stay away from that propagandist talk and call it "the tragedy" .

We should know by now that "terrorism" is just the word they are using when small armies are involved, fighting with their most effective weapons. I am not siding with them, just putting it into perspective. Its all war, Bush participates.

Third, it bothers me that Canada and not India that is mourning.
The victims were obviously India's people, and they were victims due to a conflict IN INDIA. Canada does not have a Sihk-Hindu conflict, the bombing was organised and financed and carried out by people close to THAT struggle over there. No part of Canada is involved in that conflict other that some immigrants that CARRY THEIR PATRIOTICDISPUTE TO CANADA, Sihks who worry more about whats going on in India than in Canada.

[ this is where the thin ice is!]

news clipping:
"Police believed the bombings were in revenge for the Indian government's storming of the Golden Temple in Amritsar, Sikhism's holiest shrine, in 1984.
After a 20-year-long investigation and a 19-month long trial two Sikh immigrants to Canada"

Okay, I forgot what the clash was about, so I had to look it up. India's government [Hindu dominated maybe?] VS Sikhism is what it was about.

NEWs clippings again:
"That same day, an attempt to sabotage another Air India flight in Tokyo failed when a bomb exploded prematurely at Narita Airport, killing two baggage handlers".

Would there also be A National Day of Mourning in Japan, for eg., if the perps had lived there, if thats where the bomb was put on the plane?

The flights originated in Canada, and the perps likely lived here, or still do, and this is where the bomb was likely built. Thats why we are having it.
But the conflict didn't originate here. And it isn't continuing in any way over here, other than inside a few private homes of [east] Indians who are so patriotic to the struggles over there. Other races don't get that much "due" for the struggles in their pre-immigration homelands.

Should we have a NDof M for Bosnians or Africans or the Irish etc., when one of them kills their enemies over here, or kills them 'from here' with a bomb?
*Is the difference that there are a high ration of east Indians here? [1 in 30 canadians is east Indian]
* Is it the 329 victims, a number high enough all at once to be noticed?
*What about 329 incidents of ONE victim of a conflict from overseas?

Is anyone else feeling some uneasyness about the National Day of Mourning for Air India? [with apologies to the 329 victims, who will be remembered, amen, but I am going to get shit from our Indian community for this one aren't I? ]

Allways willing to throw myself into the flames,
Good points. I think if they really wanted to get the attention of the families of the survivors, they would immediately call a public inquiry as has been requested/demanded. That means something. A memorial is nice, but without knowing the facts and details, is a continuing example of hypocrisy.
My heart goes out to those who lost loved ones in the Air India massacre. It is my understanding that most of the 329 victims of the Air India disaster were Canadian citizens. Doesn't really matter. Not one of them deserved to be murdered. It would have been a greater tribute to them if the RCMP had been much more diligent in pursuing the 'perps' and brought them to Justice. Instead the massacre becomes a 'photo op' for Martin. Terrorist act or not, Canada is not immune to Geo-political turmoil. Our response has to be fair application of our Law. The RCMP have failed us in many ways, pepper spraying protesters, invading the privacy of Journalists. If there is to be an inquiry it should include a review of political interference with the RCMP. They have become political tools. CSIS has been harassing the Islamic community since 1990. I don't see much of any comment on this site about Arar or the invocation of "national security' to prevent the Truth from being known in that Inquiry. It would appear Justice is more likely in Mississippi than in Canada.

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