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6 Great DC Media Failures of 2015

We will never be fully rid of the DC Media. Like the garbage-in/manure-out maggots they are, the DC Media will always be a rancid part of the circle of political life. The political left is, if nothing else, relentless, and they will never fully give up the propaganda perch that is this corrupt institution.

That doesn’t mean that the righteous war to politically-exterminate them should be any less relentless, because it is already resulting in quantifiable benefits. The influence these serial-liars once enjoyed to sway public opinion and set the parameters of the national debate, is evaporating.

In no particular order, here are six battles the DC Media waged relentlessly and handily lost in 2015.
Feel free to point and laugh.
  1. The Annihilation of Donald Trump
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Losing Influence: 6 Great DC Media Failures of 2015 - Breitbart

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