What if NAFTA ended? These would be Canada’s hardest-hit provinces, industries

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What if NAFTA ended? These would be Canada’s hardest-hit provinces, industries

it would depend what it was replaced by,
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it would depend what it was replaced by,

If anything?
NAFTA north American free trade agreement, are you retarded?
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NAFTA north American free trade agreement, are you retarded?

Are you sure it could mean “North American Festival of Traditional Arts”
In 1980, the U.S. Capitalists recognized that by the year 2000, 10 thousand Baby Boomers (those born after 1948) would begin lining up each and every day to collect 20 thousand dollars per year in Social Security and other medical benefits or promises made to the Working Class (75 million Americans - 7 million Canadians) since the end of World War II.

The U.S. Capitalists set out to abandon the North American Continent and to abandon or walk away from every promise.

International Free Trade Agreements gave the U.S. Capitalists the unfettered ability to move all wealth and assets offshore and thus out of reach to any citizen who might wish to seize in lieu of broken promises.

When I view folks in TV Land talking about "Tinkering With The System", I want to scream .... "It is too late". The Capitalist's have had a 25 or 30 year head start. There is no more "Wealth" in North America. Wealthy people live in North America, but their assets are offshore. And the Capitalists have no intention of returning any wealth or assets until after all the Baby Boomers have died off.

When I hear pundits, I laugh aloud because what they are talking about is reforming an "Already Bankrupt System" and that is impossible.

President Donald Trump is not attempting to "Reform" the system, he is simply "Managing" the bankruptcy.

The domestic NSA surveillance is all about "Managing" the civil unrest as the bankruptcy continues.

People fail to admit and to recognize that since 1980, the U.S. Capitalists have created an illusion of success while at the same time the Capitalists were abandoning North America, they shackled the government with 21 trillion worth of Federal debt since 1980. (And another 600 Trillion in Toxic Assets.)

America was said to be building a successful future by transitioning from an industrial society into computer technology. However; after the collusion between the U.S. Capitalists and the Government was detailed by Edward Snowden, nobody wants to purchase any computer software or high-end commercial products manufactured within the U.S..

The Corporate leaders guide their compensation packages with reference to the M-1 money supply and not inflation like the Ordinary Joe does. The more money being printed, the higher the compensation required to pay the CEO just to keep up with "Real" inflation.

I was born in 1948, and during my working career I was told not to be too greedy and to accept "Promises" rather than an increase in hourly wages.

I was told that in my retirement, the shareholders would not abandon me with dog food as breakfast. I was told that the "Promises" were "Guaranteed".

I was told that joining a union which demanded or required that these "Promises" be made in written contract like a credit note was an act of greed and mistrust.

Rather than my demanding an increase in salary which I might save for my retirement years, I trusted the Capitalists to honor the promises made.

I watched it all happen in real time.

It was Ronnie Ray-Gun and Oprah Winfrey who took to the airwaves and began to tell everyone that it did not take a village but rather a pillage instead.

The Sesame Street Generation who were raised up with the Sesame Street predominate value of "Sharing" were now being told that greed was good.

Oprah began telling everyone that being poor was our fault and talked endlessly about self-help groups and "Personal Responsibility" because we were all on our own ... That it was my fault that I did not save enough for retirement.

Robin Leach and Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous television series detailed how others were "Deserving" of success and did so on their own.

At a time when government needed to hire additional employees just to handle the paperwork for the applications and benefits due to an influx of 75 million seniors entering retirement, Americans were told that Big-Government was the problem.

The greatest insult is that not only did the U.S. Capitalists abandon the North American Continent and move their wealth and assets offshore, but at the same time they bankrupted governments by defaulting on corporate funded pension plans which were government insured.

And with countless other tax complaints, evasions and tax-break propaganda.

Since 1984, we have gone from Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous to Pawnshop and Storage Wars and Repo Games.

About Free Trade .... I would like to detail a very real happening from the year 1992.

The largest U.S. cereal maker had a manufacturing plant in Toronto Canada.

NAFTA changed the import rules in Canada and where products containing flour and other grains (breakfast cereals) were no longer required to contain Canadian produce.

I read the inter-office memo which detailed the plans for the company to leave Canada and it was written in stone. The American Capitalists set out to shut down and sell off all company assets in Canada and only needed to show that the cost of manufacturing the cereal in Canada was too high and not competitive in order to comply with NAFTA.

Immediately; all top Canadian born executives were given promotions/transfers to Milwaukee and were replaced with American talent.

In 1993, the union began to negotiate a new labor contract and the company deliberately took a very hard line on wage increases, but agreed to build an employee cafeteria, upgrade car parking areas and to invest millions into upgrading equipment already in place, and to introduce a new cereal baking formula or method which was quite revolutionary.

The employees did not see it happening because they thought that no company would be investing so much into plant upgrades and especially new manufacturing equipment if they intended to leave. The complete plant was painted, landscaping completed and brightly painted/lighted parking spots and all new cleaning and maintenance equipment purchased.

By spending millions on building upgrades and on plant equipment, the company was able to show that the cost of producing cereal in Canada as compared to the U.S. was quite prohibitive.

Within 3 years the company was gone.

All the upgrades and complete makeover made to plant facilities increased the actual value and made it easier the company to find a buyer.

The new manufacturing equipment had only been bolted to the floor and were easily packed up and shipped to Milwaukee.

There is no such thing as Free Trade because it does not control or disallow the devaluation of currencies.

The more competitive North America would become, the more devaluation of competing currencies.

In North America, we could all agree to work for a dollar per hour and only to find that China will do it for 50 cents. The huge and "Modern" manufacturing plants which the U.S. Capitalists financed and built in China can satisfy the American market with just what falls off the assembly lines.

And, after we all agreed to work for a dollar an hour, who is able to buy my home in the future which I bought with 1980 dollars? Will I need to sell it for half of what I paid for it because of an era of lower incomes?

It was the North American Capitalists who totally financed the competition which is devouring our working class here at home.

The Breakneck Rise of China’s Colossus of Electric-Car Batteries
The key to overtaking Tesla by 2020? Lots of government help for EVs.
By Jie Ma, David Stringer, Yan Zhang and Sohee Kim
‎February‎ ‎01‎, ‎2018‎

China's Strategy Gives It the Edge in the Battle of Two Sock Capitals
"This Appalachian town declared itself the Sock Capital of the World for good reason.
It began making stockings in 1907 and once boasted of producing 1 of every 8 pairs worn on the planet. The cushion-sole sock was invented here. Local sock makers are models of U.S. manufacturing, working hard, sharing resources, shaving expenses, investing in technology.
The Robin-Lynn Mills Inc. factory, for instance, owns some of the finest equipment in the business, electronic knitting machines from Italy that set the company back more than $25,000 apiece and can spin out a sock in 75 seconds, with the toe seam automatically sewn.
But Robin-Lynn, whose employees typically earn about $10 an hour, didn't turn a profit last year. On the other hand, Three Star Socks in Datang, China, made about $500,000 using knitting machines worth $1,000 each and paying its workers an average of 60 cents to 70 cents an hour plus room and board.
In the Datang area, more than 10,000 households in 120 villages make their living off socks, according to researchers at Beijing University. Last year, Datang made 9 billion pairs of socks, while Fort Payne made less than 1 billion."
By Don Lee
April 10, 2005
The New Foreign Aid
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Quote: Originally Posted by B00Mer View Post

If anything?

The bloke who keeps threatening to tear up NAFTA........ does NOT offer an alternative plan. He does a lot of destructive complaining........but offers title in the area of PLANS or even IDEAS........let alone POSSIBLE alternatives.

He also doe s NOT offer ideas as to how ti improve NAFTA. (likely because he does not have any.......and expects his peons to do the thinking and idea work for him.

Today he complained about the software lumber issue . and trade practices that HE sees as being detrimental to the US.

He is SHORT on any DETAILS..........as usual.

It all bring up a question of :

How much of a problem is Trump regime for CDA?? and what can CDA do about it??

Given that he has been verbally abusing CDA ..over the last 48 hrs. He hasn't motioned Mexico in his deranged hostile ramblings.

Seems we and the planet has to deal with Trump as one would with a Mentally deranged patient...that requires 24 hr a day observation.

Whatever the outcome........it HAS to be face saving for Trump........so HE can brag ab out it. That is just sick.

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