WARMINGTON: Legendary CTV News anchor Ken Shaw retiring

WARMINGTON: Legendary CTV News anchor Ken Shaw retiring
Joe Warmington
December 7, 2019
December 7, 2019 9:23 PM EST
After more than 40 years on the air, legendary CTV news anchor Ken Shaw announced his plan to retire in the new year on Friday, Dec. 6, 2019. (photo from toronto.ctvnews.ca)
In bad times or good, the comforting constant in a changing world is that Ken Shaw has always been there on your TV delivering the news.
But all things come to an end.
The venerable, highly respected news anchor surprised viewers Friday night with the news that he has decided to step down from the CTV desk and start heading into retirement.
However, Shaw is not saying goodbye just yet.
The Canadian News Hall of Fame member will be on the air until Jan. 6, 2020, which will mean he has been on Toronto’s television airwaves in parts of six decades.
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And the Order of Ontario recipient will stick around to do some special projects.
But the day-to-day of Shaw always being there will come to an end.
“He is fair, even-handed and has a wonderful bedside manner with his viewers every day,” PostMedia Executive Chair Paul Godfrey said. “I will miss him dearly as he was always my go-to guy at 6 p.m.”
Godfrey, who is a member of the Order of Canada, said Shaw would be a “shoo-in” for the honour.
Not just for his television work but because of all the money he has helped raise with his tremendous support for dozens of charities.
“Ken is a Canadian icon not only in the on air broadcasting area but also as a great Canadian that is in great demand in being an MC for charitable galas,” said Godfrey.
It all stated for Ken in 1972 when he began as a trainee and will come to end next year when he walks away a legend.
At the core of it with Ken is he is every bit the good guy he comes across as on television. There’s no TV face for him. He is always professional, respectful, fun, caring and mostly curious. It’s like this whether you are on a story with him or golfing.
He’s also one of the few news anchors left who has opinions and offers them in a respectful way.
Toronto Mayor John Tory said he has fond memories of working with Shaw 40 years ago in the CHFI newsroom.
“I was at the time a law student and was on the air but very much a backup for Ken the full-time broadcaster,” Tory said.
The Mayor also posted a big “thank you” to Shaw on Twitter “for telling so many important Toronto stories.”
“You delivered the news across the airwaves in such a calm and professional manner,” Tory tweeted. “I know I speak for many Toronto residents when I say we will miss you!”
Ontario Premier Doug Ford also congratulated Shaw on his stellar career.
“I wish Ken and his family all the best in this new chapter,” Ford said. “He’s been an absolute champion on the news for the last 40 years.”
Ken always sees both sides of the story. He’s also honest and supportive of a city and region he loves.
The first thing I did when I heard of this big news was email my old friend.
“Say it ain’t so, Ken?”
And, as usual, he sent back a funny reply.
“It ain’t so. Buuut, it really is!” emailed Ken. “Only good things ahead Joe. They have always been so good to me at CTV and would not just let me leave. I’ve got some fun projects ahead.”
So the bad news is Ken Shaw won’t be on our TV every day. But the good news is he’s still around and will be doing some reports that not only highlight our community but enrich it.
Making Toronto better is what Ken is all about. Those will be big shoes to fill.
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Curious Cdn
CTVs still on the sir?
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CTVs still on the sir?


Unlike the publicly funded CBC, the CTV is impartial, and usually provides fair and balanced news.
Lol...that's hilarious.
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Unlike the publicly funded CBC, the CTV is impartial, and usually provides fair and balanced news.

That would explain Seamus O'Reagan's career as Liberal Minister of Silly Walks ...

Oh, and lest we forget ... Mike "The Big Dipper" Duffy.

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