gord perks vs giorgio mammoliti

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gord perks vs giorgio mammoliti

Heated exchange between Gord Perks & Giorgio... | CityNews.ca

Integrity flap at City Hall : Featured TOR : Videos

if a man had been all up in my grill, my foot would have deflated his testicles.
I love watching morons cry about bullying, while they bully someone.

And I agree with your sentiment spammy.
Gord Perks... Yea, he would been in my fac a fraction of the time Mammoliti put up with.. Perks would have been face up on a gurney shortly after. That Toronto Left council is trully sickening.. Olivia Chow(der), Perks, the TTC Chair,, all out for themselves and lining thier pockets. Now just look how upset they get when the purse-strings tighten.
"What would have done if he didn't stop poking you?"

I would have kicked him in the groin and punched him in the face at the same time." < Mammolitit.

I'm no fan big fan of Mammoliti, but I've worked with guys he worked with, when he was a doorman. I wouldn't disrespect his space, lol.

Gord Perks is the real life version of an Internet troll.