Clash Between The Guardian And Science

Thursday, December 10, 2009

By Craig Rucker
Executive Director, The Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow

The debate continues to heat up in Copenhagen. They call us skeptics -we prefer climate realists. (If you're a realist be sure to sign the petition today and share it with your friends).
For the second day in a row, the realists had more fun. The IPCC scientists and politicians are reeling from the Climategate emails and now the Danish leak of disastrous UN proposals. At day two of CFACT's "Climate Sense" conference policy clashes between left and right took place right before our eyes.
We continue to witness the same phenomonon. The proponents of global warming talk emotion and anecodote, while the realists talk facts, figures, measurements, history and scientific analysis. The frustration for those who's distinguished scientific careers stretch back to my childhood is palpable. They dedicated their lives to the scienific method and when they see nonscientific propaganda treated not just on a level with hard research, but elevated above it, they recoil, then rise in anger.
Yesterday after Professor Fred Singer took all assembled, step by step through the science and thoroughly debunked the IPCC's process and conclusions. John Vidal from for the Guardian rose to his feet and rather than asking a question began a long speech. He had been to Nepal, India and Bangladesh, he told us, where he had seen that abnormal temperatures were causing the sea level to rise soon to flood the homes of the poor. This is substantiated he claimed, by the work of Pakistani and Indian scientists. Little did Vidal know, that seated in the audience was perhaps the world's preeminent expert on sea level. As the Guardian's filibuster continued, it became too much for Dr. Nils Axel Morner who had addressed CFACT's conferences in Copenhagen and Berlin over the last few days. Dr. Morner lept from his seat, spun towards the Guardian's filibuster and threw the cold water of science in Vidal's face.
Dr. Morner, it turned out, had done substantial research on the subcontinent and had conclusive evidence that the only effect Vidal and company had observed was natural subsidence. Careful observation of tree trunks and roots by Morner proved that there was no change in sea level, only a change in politics. Enjoy the carbon tourism Mr. Vidal, but we find Dr. Morner more persuasive on the science.
Minds need to open. The IPCC has the science wrong. Taxpayers must demand a reexamination of the entire climate issue before they commit to sending their family's nest eggs to the government to distribute to a new class of carbon carpet baggers.
Here are my opening remarks from CFACT's Climate Sense conference Wednesday.
Yesterday we met in this room and heard from some of the leading and most learned experts in the field of climate science. We heard a compellinglogical argument that left anyone with an open mind convinced that science is not settled, that the case for massive new restrictions on the ways we work and live are not justified. I say again, the world should not sign a treaty in Copenhagen this December.
Over recent months and years many in this room have known frustration as only one side of the global warming argument was covered by the media. We've written, spoken and examined, we've all but shouted from the rooftops, yet the sober, scientific side of the debate has known mostly silence.
Yesterday, however, the world listened.
We met here together and for a change, our friends from the press joined in.
Can anyone hear the cogent science of Nils Axel Morner and still listen with a straight face to tales of submerging islands and drowning polar bears?
Can you at last sleep at night, knowing that our glaciars will continue to grow and contract at their own natural, glacial pace? That they are not about to vanish from the earth? Thank you, Cliff Ollier.
I grant you all license to breathe. Go ahead, exhale, I will too. CO2 is not a pollutant. Common sense tells us that CO2 is a natural, wholesome part of life, though common sense doesn't say it as eloquently as Leighton Steward and Ian Plimer.
You can't believe that raising taxes would lower temperatures after hearing this foolishness debunked by Stuart Wheeler, Lord Christopher Monckton and Henrik Svensmark.
We can all look forward to hearing more enlightening presentations of critical importance today. Here in the City of Copenhagen, famed for the great storyteller Hans Christian Anderson, we can't help but reminded that propaganda can make you view the world in strange ways. Propaganda makes you see clothes on a naked emperor, it makes you see man-made climate change in a world where nature rules our temperature. Let us remember the voice of the child who cried, "but he has nothing on." Let us have the courage to reveal that the global warming emperor has no clothes.
Be sure to sign the petition at and follow our Mission Copenhagen at CFACT.TV.
Wow. That guy sure ASSumes a lot.
I imagine that Craig Rucker's Masters of Public Administration makes him uniquely qualified to speak on behalf of climate change. Nice to see that Shell Oil is a contributor to his site. Nothing like having Big Oil in your back pocket.