Dell Streak coming to Rogers Wireless

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Dell Streak coming to Rogers Wireless
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According to documents leaked to the Internet, Rogers Wireless will be launching a new Android-based device to its portfolio of smartphones/tablets.

The first clue came from the publication of URMagazine where the Dell Streak joins the Torch 9800 and the Galaxy S Captivate.

Quote: Originally Posted by A user on MobileSyrup
“Think of it as a cross between an iPad and a touchscreen smartphone. Its five-inch display rivals your best monitor for gaming, reading news and browsing the mobile internet; but, unlike the iPad, this device also doubles as a phone, meaning you don’t have to carry a cell as well.”
While an official announcement has not yet come from Rogers, there is very little doubt we'll see the premier of the Dell product. In addition, there's little being said about what type of plan will be offered for the Tablet nor is there any contract information to date.

Unfortunately the Dell Streak currently only runs on an Android 1.6 platform but Dell has promised a committment to Android 2.2 so we'll wait and see what comes of that. The older Android 1.6 is less-capable of running some popular market applications.

The price for the device has also yet to be confirmed, but since it's retailing for US $549.99, there's a chance we might see it available from Rogers for around C $250 on a 3-year contract.

The Streak features a 800x480px resolution screen, a 5-megapixel camera with auto-focus and a 5-inch touch screen.

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Anything but the iPad or the iPhone. I somehow doubt the 'cool' crowd will buy a product like this. With so much more power running Android over the iOS, there might be a nice modding/hacking crowd for this. I doubt Dell would lock-down their product like Motorola did with the Milestone or Apple tries to do with their competing products.
What is Dell doing getting into this? they need to make sure they have good pc's never mind smart phones..
$250 Cdn in a 3 year contract or even the $549.99 USd price tag alone is pretty comparable to many of the same phones out there that hold fewer features.

I'd have to play around with it or see exactly what it could do before I'd decide if I'd want one, but personally speaking, anything is better then the IPad or IPhone.

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