Stupid Bell Mobility!
All I wanted was a cell phone that doesn't die after 10 minutes of talk time and not to pay for incoming text messages...all they wanted was to trap me for 3 more years...I DON'T THINK SO! Thankfully I will be free from their contractual trap at the end of May 2010 and be able to go to an award winning cell phone company. I now know why Bell has never won any customer service awards...when they tell a customer of 10 years "this is a business and we can't give you a discount without a 3 year trap". And this wasn't even from a regular Customer Service rep, this was from some higher up who called me because i responded to a letter that i got in the mail telling me I was eligible to renew. The whole song and dance is BULL-PUCKY! I work for a cell phone company and I know exceptions can be made for long-term customers! Don't tell me that you can't afford to give me a discount on a cellular phone without a contract, I have given phones away to long term customers who have been with the company I work for. The love for almighty dollar just cost Bell indefinate more years of my money.