Recognizes/does not recognizes the God

Recognizes the God

May be poor but does not yearn for luxuries.

May be wise but trusts only in the God’s will.

May be grieved but does not go beyond peaceful sadness.

May be annoyed but keeps in touch with love.

May be blessed but does not take as self achievement.

May be simple but is not foolish.

May be punishing but does not exceed justice.

May be prudent but is not miser.

May be joyous but does not forget sufferings.

May be having but is not boaster.

Does not recognize the God

May not be poor but does not feel poverty.

May not be helpless but does not feel helplessness.

May not be hungry but does not feel hunger.

May not be shelter less but does not feel shelter less ness.

May not be thirsty but does not feel thirst.

May not be alone but does not feel loneliness.

May not be quarrelsome but does not feel love.

May be powerful but does not feel powerlessness.

May be in trouble but does not feel patience.

May be dignified but does not feel meekness.

May be opponent but does not feel mercy.

May be healthy but does not feel illness.

May be right but does not feel other’s right.

May be brave but does not feel tenderness.
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Might be wrong but still feels certain.

Hey Akbar:

Quite a piece of slander on the whole community of non-believers you've written there: are all of your fellow flock members this intolerant? Not much of an advertisement for the humanizing effects of your superstition. "Believers are great - atheists are sad and pitiable." Nice hatchet job there, buddy.

God is an archetype, and I don't worship archetypes.