Friends we know that the wish to be obeyed is very common and charm full. I have noticed that to obey is also a human characteristic. I have also observed that many animals willingly obey seniors of their kind and even their loving human masters. What I mean to say is that to obey is also a charm and may be more charm full than to be obeyed. All most all religions claim obedience of the God but every religion puts some necessary conditions without which obedience of the God is denied to willing humans. They claim that those conditions are from the God. They want humans to learn and obey such conditions. Fie on them and no to such conditions which put hindrances in the way of willing, loving, obedient humans.

The God almighty is worth obedience. None other deserves such obedience. He loves his humans so many times more than parents. If resemblance is to be mentioned then parents love and obedience of children may be sighted. Many times I have seen sensible children happily telling their friends that they were severely daunted by one or both of their parents or even beaten. That daunt or beating was certainly mixed with love which did not injured their feelings. Sometime children may feel angry but later on they were much consoled or atoned for to forget and children also admitted their fault. A baby does not know what is good for him/her so parents care for. Humans do not know what is good for them so the God cares for, though some times He puts them under test of loyalty, or punishes them to put them on the right path. The obedience of Almighty is too charm full for believers to be mentioned in words.

Apart from obedience of parents there are some other will-full obedience of humans which are mainly religious. Such obedience is mainly traditionally dominated and obeyed are religious clergies, so called fathers, gurus, maulanas etc. such tendencies also prove that there is a charm of obedience. Those who do not try to understand or rise up to obedience of the God are entangled in such obedience or let me say in hindrances and try to satisfy their instinct of obedience.

Friends, there might be/may be such humans who really deserve obedience. They do not want to be obeyed and do not make efforts to be obeyed. Unlike religious leaders they do not claim that their prayers will definitely work to fulfill wishes of concerned people. The wisdom of such persons is totally based on faith in the God. They do not claim to be an authority between humans and the God so the people’s obedience for them is totally unselfish. The only reason for such obedience is that their speech and deeds enhance faith of people in the God so the concerned people feel charm in their obedience. Unlike religious, traditional obedience or obedience of power, dominance etc., it is liked by the God as it ultimately serves the purpose of His obedience.

Friends, I do not want to mention qualities of such humans as sensible humans are well aware of good human characteristics. I only say that who so ever claims that he/she is inseparable for faith in the God, claims to provide any linkage between humans and the God, claims to know special manners or special prayers to please the God is definitely a hypocrite, and the God of humans certainly listens sincere callings of every human no matter to which religion he/she apparently belongs or does not belong at all.

Willing unselfish obedience is a thing of great joy and is charm full for the recipient that obedience by dominance or selfish obedience may not give. I believe the God created humans for their willing obedience and blessed them with free will for this purpose.