Asatru created 4000 BCE possibly

Asatru is not a new age religion. In fact it is very old. It can be traced back to around 1000 BCE (Before common era) when the ancestors of the Germanic people, settled in the general area of Scandinavia and began to develop a language, culture, and religion separate from the rest of the Indo-European stock. Considering the Indo-European migrations started around 4000 BCE it is safe to say that our religion developed somewhere along the way. Way before Christianity was ever thought of. It is said that Odin found the runes in 250 BCE and revealed them to humankind. Tacitus confirms this in his writings THE GERMANIA in 98 CE which is the earliest full account of the culture and religion of the Germanic people. Incidents that took place around this time and over the next 1000 years were vital to Asatru's survival. In 9 CE Hermann defeated Roman forces at the battle of Teutoburger Wald preventing the Roman conquest of Germania that would surely have stamped out our religion in that area. But the fight was far from over. A new enemy was plotting a much worse attack on Asatru and other pagan religions. Christians planned to convert the world.
So that is over 6000 years ago possibly.

I am one of the oldest religions.
Yule- Twelve nights beginning on December 20 and ending on January 1.
Thorrablot - The first full or new moon in January.
Charming of the Plough - New moon in February.
Eostre - First full moon after the spring equinox.
Walpurgisnacht - Night of April 30.
May day - First of May.
Midsummer - June 20/21
Loaf-fest or Lammas- August 1
Winternights - First full moon after the Autumnal equinox.

January 9-Remembrance for Raud the strong, the Norwegian chieftain killed cause he refused to give up his heathen faith
January 31-Feast of the Disir, This day we remember the female ancestral spirits.
February 9-Remembrance for Eyvindr Kinnrifi, another Norwegian Asaman who was killed by Olaf Tryggvason for not giving up his faith.
February 14-Feast of Vali, Many use Valentines day to honor the god Vali.
March 28-Ragnar Loddbrok's day, A feast in memory of the great viking who sacked Paris in 845 CE.
Memorial day-Feast of the Einherjar, When we remember the battle slain warriors who reside in Valhalla with Odin himself.
June 9-Remembrance for Sigurd the Volsung, Another great hero from the sagas.
July 9-Remembrance for Unnr the deep minded, One of the early Icelandic settlers and Scandinavian matriarchs, her tale is found in the Laxdeala Saga.
July 29-Death of Olaf the Lawbreaker, The Norwegian king who used torture and murder to try to convert the ancient heathens to Christianity. We celebrate his failure on the day he died in the battle of Stikklestad in 1030 CE.
August 9-Radbods day, A feast in memory of the Frisian king who resisted Christianity in his land.
Sept. 9-Remembrance for Hermann the Cheruscan, A feast for the Germanic chieftain who defeated the Roman forces in the Teutoburger Wald preventing them from any further conquest in his land.
Columbus day-Lief Ericksson day, When we feast to the earliest European discoverers of America.
October 28-Remembrance for Eirik the Red, A feast for Leif's Quarrelsome father.
October 31- Night of Specters-A day of remembrance for the dead .
November 9-Queen Sigrith of Sweden day, Remembrance of the Swedish Queen who defended Asatru in her time.
Thanksgiving-Wayland the smith's day, A feast to the great smith hero of our folk
December 9-Remembrance for Egil Skallagrimsson, A feast for the great poet, warrior, berserker, and Odinsman.

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