Sony Ericsson s710a

I just paid for a Sony Ericsson s710a on eBay and was wondering whether I even need to unlock this thing. I was intending to switch my sim card from my Samsung x426 (I go through Rogers) into the Sony. I understand that the SEs710a is a GSM phone, but am unsure of whether it's automatically compatible with the Rogers network or if I have to unlock it first. Does anyone have any answers? Thanks in advance.
If it's unlocked, then you'll be fine by inserting the SIM in it.

It isn't. However, I see several Sony Ericsson phones available through Rogers, so I'm wondering whether all Sony Ericssons are Rogers-compatible without having to unlock it.

Alternatively, should I require an unlock, is there a place in SW Ontario that could accomodate me? A PM would be greatly appreciated.
I don't know, if the guy is selling you a Rogers' branded S710a, then it's fine, you don't need to unlock it. Otherwise, yes, require an unlock unit.

Or you can take it down to the mobile phone stands at most malls etc. They will unlock any phone for a price.

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