Here I go again.

None of you may believe this. None of you may give it much importance.

But here it goes anyway.

I've enjoyed this board immensely, and despite disagreeing with many of you and thinking us conservatives (the debatable label I use to describe my position these days) are in the minority I've come to witness a lot of matters concerning process, the process of how we all talk to each other.

Let's look at this process at how we talk to each other.

Does it matter how we talk to each other? Well, I think it does. And it involves the heart.

So I believe in process more than I believe in results. I believe in the heart and our emotions more than I believe in logic.

I believe that we act and talk and do as we behave first from emotion and then and only then use logic to defend our actions, our behavior.

I believe we act to the events emotionally, we vote first emotionally and then what follows is something we call logic to defend these decisions of ours.

I wonder if any of you agree with that?
Its a tad personal jimmy, its just a fourm. What exactly are you asking, I need it simple, as we islanders like it. Get right to the tatters and meat :P
I don't know how to make my original post on this thread any simpler for you Peapod. I'll take it as my own fault, but make of the original post as you can because it is sincere.
Did you get a dear john letter or something Whats with all this warm fuzzy stuff....lets just keep douking it out.

We will keep duking it out, Peapod. Don't worry.

But I've always been sincere in the battle.
You may be right there Jimmy I am emotional guy .Easily excitable I get wound and then I start handing out beats just the way i am
So, when you go over an issue, no second thoughts after the storm of emotion ?

No second thoughts?

Or is it just a cute thing you like about the mythology of you?
About the only time I have second thoughts is when I get the Beats Although i do have second thoughts when read intelligent comments
momsy! :P snap out of it your being lured into a dr phil thread...face it momsy with things like I likes to beat! well think chiquita
Okay, Mrmom, okay.

But when you observe all this back and forth on this board, do you believe it be formed more by emotion and cultural backround then it is by logic?

And do you believe as I do that the God of Logic is a False God ?

Heh, heh.

I'm pushing the point, but I do believe people give too much power to their so-called logic when what really paints their opinion is their backround, their emotion, their culture, far more than the logic they use to rationalize themselves.
Reverend Blair
It goes like this, Jimmy. I'm a nice guy. I used to deal with conservative types in a quiet voice and use facts. Ask around...there are a few people here who still remember when I still took the time to behave myself.

These people don't listen to facts, won't accept responsibility for the dead people left behind by their policies, and respond to everything with bullshit, name-calling, and attempts to silence anybody who dares to talk back to them, though. They stalk people around the internet and depend on character assassination, lies and innuendo. They attempt to silence people through intimidation.

I've had enough, so I don't stay quiet anymore. I still use the facts, but when they try to shout me or others down, I scream back at them just as loudly. That's unfortunate, but it's the only language your fellow conservatives seem to understand.
I can appreciate the resulting lack of impatience on your part Reverend Blair.

After awhile you just don't want to patiently guide someone so far behind in understanding anymore.

Oh for pete sakes! Come on jimmy, don't give up, join up with us and fight the good fight.

Momsy you gots an extra badge in your saddlebag :P
I think ... we respond emotionally to many issues because we passionately believe in our tenets. To a certain extent we are all very idealistic. We have our own opinions and when someone contests their validity we get our backs up. It may simply be part of our survival instincts. Fight or flight. As it doesn't threaten us physically we usually choose to argue the point.

Emotion versus logic...I believe they are both so intertwined that we often can't seperate them. I prefer to use both..I know that doesn't always happen. Still I try (hopefully) to convey a commonsense approach tempered with a little compassion.

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