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Victory for Sun News: CBC pulls porno

Call it a victory for common sense. Radio-Canada, CBC's French wing, has pulled its soft-porn web-TV series, Hard, from its Tou.tv website.

"This show is no longer available on Tou.tv," says a notice on the series' page. "Visit our site regularly to know when the show might resume."

However, Radio-Canada spokesman Marc Pichette tells Le Devoir that the state broadcaster has no intention of bringing Hard back. "We prefer offering series that are available around the clock."

Last month, Radio-Canada made Hard available between midnight and 4 a.m. only, after QMI Agency drew attention to the pornographic content of series.

Heritage Minister James Moore said the sexually explicit series "cannot be defended" and asked the CBC to review all its online content.

The Prime Minister's Office also issued a statement, calling the program "clearly adult in nature," adding that it "should not be available to children."

Radio-Canada always denied the series was pornographic. CBC president and CEO Hubert Lacroix defended Hard, saying it was popular in France, good value for money, and perfectly in line with the CBC's mandate.

Sun News : Victory for Sun News: CBC pulls porno