iphone, blackberry & even the tablet...

The thing is I believe technology is a great thing yet with consequences
but which can or should be used to a certain extent only abusing or taking advantage
for using for little petty things has been proven dis-functional of human ability on root level. Eg, in the 18th century, people didn't have telephones or iphones, therefore when connecting with another person they used to go by foot to & from destination from point A to B. Now if use our cars & use iphones to do just about everything, for example, let me not get into by giving examples we all know what I mean, one is deemed to be "brain dead" or using or "wasting resources" such as "mind usage". Eg, teenagers are today using google to extract homework or plagiarized essays to get their homework done. Now back in 1980's there was no internet & consequently there was only word of mouth & if you knew someone than one could copy the essay to suit their needs in which the subject being the student had to read the copied essay & use certain brain cells to change the essay to amend his/her needs. Now with super portal websites providing exact thesis essay reports for $80 one can bypass everything & get shortcut into grade A. Ie, Plagiarism. I was thought in school to be original & bring out something to contribute to society in a positive way. I am trying to positive but certain negative situations in the country where I reside in Canada, I have seen time & time again, there is no "copy write law" being enforced! Now the situation is every single hollywood movie coming out on blue ray or whatever is being pirated in mass bulk to resell in public malls in Toronto for mere $3 per copy. Now in third world these things are considered normal but here in North America this is a norm where the US government enforces copy write law or punishes certain countries globally with trade restrictions in one way or the other. Now uncle sam instead of bombing countries please take a look at the terrorist next door? I mean the US government is hypocritical by themselves. Reason being is the US has a quota system for bringing in 55,000 legal immigrants into mainland every year where as "Cnaada" pronounced Cnaa - ada brings in 2,000,000 immigrant in a span of 2 years & its non stop process. Well thatís another story for another day but to focus on technology, one has to cherish the human capacity to use their minds to productive uses & set a good example for children tomorrow. Not to mention the average $60 carrier data + phone line connection per month. I believe the best things in life are free & relating to technology internet should be free by the year 2025, well thatís just a thought. The implications of technologies & consequences in everyday life - kids are not reading books or not using there brain power to full extent & in return the human is not contributing to society with my mentioned critic in beginning. It would be nice to have everyone contribute to society rather than plagiarize or use technology to get by. Also another major obstacle in every body medical perspective, watching lcd's or pirated movies on the go - eyes messing up ending wearing glasses at early age. Not mention playing multiplayer video games with multimedia & not to forget about 3D Matrix like games coming out 1 years time. Another point is I was encouraged to note back in high school to copy good students hand writing skills. Now for whatever reason I can't think of there were 3 girls I used have crush on & they all had beautiful hand writing when I saw them write their names on lables of front of books but these days nobody writes labels or anything for that matter. What is the world coming to - I can't bear my wife hearing her type or text its so annoying! Words such as lol, brb etc. What crap or nonsense, accidents happening while texting driving etc. Conclusion one has to be balanced in everything they do whether using iphone or driving a car & use their mind. Thatís the key in the end.
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