What constitutes blasphemy?

You may not have guessed it, but Canada has had a blasphemy law on the books since 1892.

It seems like a radical rule for a modern nation, but this is what Section 296 of the nation’s Criminal Code says:
(1) Every one who publishes a blasphemous libel is guilty of an indictable offence and liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding two years.

(2) It is a question of fact whether or not any matter that is published is a blasphemous libel.

(3) No person shall be convicted of an offence under this section for expressing in good faith and in decent language, or attempting to establish by argument used in good faith and conveyed in decent language, an opinion on a religious subject.
Even with that caveat in part 3, the fact remains that a charge of blasphemy could theoretically land you a prison sentence of up to two years.

What constitutes blasphemy? Who knows. Whatever offends you, really, and that’s the problem. One person’s satire is another person’s sacred cow. It’s all in the eye of the beholder.

To be fair, that law hasn’t been successfully used against anyone since 1935. Even when Monty Python’s Life of Brian was released in 1979, the law was invoked, but the charges didn’t go anywhere.

But it’s still in the books and that’s a problem since other countries where blasphemy laws are used can point to Canada as proof that they’re not anomalies. By repealing it, Canada could send a message, just as Denmark did last week , that they support free speech in all forms.

Greg Oliver, President of the Canadian Secular Alliance, even launched an online petition on Parliament’s website last summer urging legislators to repeal the law. It got enough signatures that the Justice Minister and Attorney General of Canada had to respond. It may have looked like a generic form letter, but they said the law would be reviewed.

And it now appears that Section 296 is headed to the ash heap of history.

Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould proposed a revision of the Canadian Criminal Code that would include a repeal of the blasphemy law.

Canada Is on the Verge of Repealing Its Blasphemy Libel Law
a fact is a fact that's a fact, said a retired PM when asked this question in the last century I believe.
I guess it would vary depending on personal dogma.
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How about showing disrespect for anything sacred?
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How about showing disrespect for anything sacred?

And the definition of sacred would vary by personal dogma
a : the act of insulting or showing contempt or lack of reverence for God accused of blasphemy
b : the act of claiming the attributes of a deity
for a mere man to suggest that he was … divine could only be viewed … as blasphemy — John Bright †1889
: irreverence toward something considered sacred or inviolable

lots of room for trouble there
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How about showing disrespect for anything sacred?

Facts do not do that.

A chunk of worked stone weighing tweleve hundred tons dosen't do that.

Let me expand, CNC cut stone with tool samples, hahahahah it's all bean done before, before what you might ask, the dark ages I might offer, History as we know it is bullshjt, we invent it to fill gaps that come up on the cycle.

Why piss around mincing words, they are liars, it does not matter one f*cking bit what the lie is about and as such all should be punished. Mainstream media might as well set up a booth at the Courthouses.
My heart goes out to those who suffer the indignity of compliance to the old world order, they would chain you and we don't give a fuk

God thought to intimitate us. This is our universe, as much as humanly possible. Join our revolution $42.00 bucks a month, get the latest drug induced reading of near space.

So you think you know where you are hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah, we can help you hang on.
We could start here as the weather affects everyone on the planet and it is being run to be a big income earner for the World Banksters.

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We could start here as the weather affects everyone on the planet and it is being run to be a big income earner for the World Banksters.


I saw that old guy crush that magot in less than a second, we should commision a coin a bug crushing moment immortalized in bronze, come on MHZ put some cash into the project, prove you're interested in saving the world, we can introduce for free if you can get to Nova Scotia where we rule every aspect of the taxpayers miserable life by right of the meat between our ears of course that was baseless booasting which we will defend depending on the liquar supply etc
I couldn't even save Chance. F*ck humanity, it deserves to fester like the infected disease it really is
Tsk. Tsk. Suffering from the storm raging in your mind. It's your childhood, rising up to meet your fears once more. Learn to embrace the conflict and find a placid place to play.

Remember when you'd wake up in the middle of the night, screaming that an evil monster was under your bed? It was a bad dream, they said. But it wasn't. It was the emotional turmoil. The unguarded hateful side of you that festered under the bed. You called it the pizza monster. Clerics call it the vileness of abandonment.

No matter its name, the fear stayed with you. Even to this day, in a drug induced sleep, it wakes you. It crawls through your dreams and occupies your subconscious thoughts.

But it does have a name. The Goo. And it continues to fester within.
Dexter Sinister
Blasphemy is an imaginary offence.
If it wasn't for blasphemy, I'd have no phemy at all.
One temple deity is pretty much as good as another I suppose.

Hoof Hearted
So if my wife asks me if that new dress she bought for Church makes her look fat, and I respond, "No. It's your ass that makes you look fat"...

I could do some hard time for blasphemy?
after you get your jaw bones replaced

but you likely won't be a repeat offender for a while till your speech abilities return

Blasphemy is just the father of PC speech...but in the end it's all about thought control

"And let's also not forget that Satan and his demons, as temptors, are also able to suggest blasphemous thoughts to people's minds. Regarding this, CH Spurgeon wrote:

These thoughts, if you hate them, are none of yours, but are injections of the Devil, for which he is responsible, and not you. If you strive against them, they are no more yours than are the cursings and falsehoods of rioters in the street. It is by means of these thoughts that the Devil would drive you to despair, or at least keep you from trusting Jesus. The poor diseased woman could not come to Jesus for the press, and you are in much the same condition, because of the rush and throng of these dreadful thoughts. Still, she put forth her finger, and touched the fringe of the Lord's garment, and she was healed. Do you the same.

Jesus died for those who are guilty of "all manner of sin and blasphemy," and therefore I am sure He will not refuse those who are unwillingly the captives of evil thoughts. Cast yourself upon Him, thoughts and all, and see if He be not mighty to save. He can still those horrible whisperings of the fiend, or He can enable you to see them in their true light, so that you may not be worried by them. In His own way He can and will save you, and at length give you perfect peace. Only trust Him for this and everything else. (Also from the book All Of Grace by CH Spurgeon).

God will not condemn you for tempting thoughts that Satan or his subordinates suggest into your mind."

WOW loopy as f**K
Hoof Hearted
... and the Uber Feminists from the '70's are the Mothers of PC speech.
Gloria Steinem was run by the CIA...

Gloria Steinem - How The CIA Used Feminism To Destabilize Society

so we are back to thought control again

The Apostle Paul wrote in Romans chapter seven, “…I would not have known what covetousness is, if the Law had not repeatedly said, ‘Thou shalt not covet.’ Sin took advantage of this, and by means of the Commandment stirred up within me every kind of coveting; for apart from Law sin would be dead.”

What the apostle Paul is describing here sounds just like an OCD episode, doesn’t it? It is typical of the struggle with wrong thoughts and desires that all men and women have. Because of the similarity of an OCD episode with what Paul is here describing, I am convinced that OCD is a manifestation of our lower self, also called our sinful nature or flesh.

But there is one important difference between OCD episodes and other struggles with sin: OCD episodes are always a battle that takes place in the mind only, because OCD sufferers would never purposely carry act out the terrible thoughts that occur during an OCD episode.

LOL kinda like their attitude regarding gays
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Stop being a bigote Cliffy.
Seems to me that for a blasphemy charge to stick they would first have to prove that god is real. And we all know that ain't going to happen.
A school in Pakistan cancelled a plan for students to sing ‘Imagine’, the world-famous 1971 ode to peace by John Lennon, after complaints that the song encourages atheism.

Pupils at the Karachi Grammar School (KGS), a liberally-inclined private institution with 2,400 places, were on Friday night due to sing the anthem at an in-house concert, upholding a tradition that stretches back decades.

But administrators decided it would no longer be safe after a popular conservative journalist highlighted ‘controversial lyrics’ in the song, hinting that they might fall foul of Pakistan’s strict blasphemy laws.

TV hosts also discussed the school's new Principal, Dr C. E. Wall, a British citizen educated at Appleby Grammar School, claiming he was introducing secular values to KGS, whose alma matter includes the assassinated former prime minister, Benazir Bhutto.

Neither Dr Wall nor a spokesperson for the school could be reached for comment.

The school, which is heavily-guarded, subsequently dropped the song from its concert.

Former student Daanika Kamal told the Telegraph that Mr Abbasi was ignoring the message of ‘Imagine’, which invites listeners to picture a “brotherhood of man”, and “inciting hate”.

We were introduced to [‘Imagine’] by the school” she said, “it was always a song of peace, that’s why it resonated with us. When you live in a country like Pakistan and are constantly hearing about attacks it is really soothing to hear a song that unites us.”

The reaction on Twitter to Mr Abbasi’s campaign was mostly negative.

“This is precisely the problem with our country,” posted Salman Ali Shoaib, “small-minded people focusing on songs of peace rather than terrorism, hatred, bigotry.”

During an interview with Playboy magazine in 1980, Lennon said ‘Imagine’ did not discourage faith, but “this whole my God-is-bigger-than-your-God-th ing.”

In a more conciliatory mood, Mr Abbasi yesterday tweeted that “we need to teach the Quran to check both forms of extremism - religious or liberal”.

Pakistani school drops plans to sing John Lennon's Imagine after accusations it encourages atheism
Ice in whisky.
Curious Cdn
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Ice in whisky.

God damed right!
Frozen whiskey Popsicle on a hot day

Saying somebody is a 'liar' is not blasphemy, calling him a fuking liar is blasphemy.
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Frozen whiskey Popsicle on a hot day

Saying somebody is a 'liar' is not blasphemy, calling him a fuking liar is blasphemy.

NO- Calling him a God damned liar would be!

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