This is my first post to this site! I'd like some feedback from people that have bought 'decent', basic flip cell phones that have the following features built in:

Good sound quality
Good battery life
Good screen resolution
Good media players
Data cable port to download songs from computer, or 'bluetooth' to do same
that is a lot simpler then the Motorola KRZR that I already had.

In the past month, I decided to get another cell phone from the one I have because
I thought it would be better then the three year old flip phone I now have. Well, that didn't go over too well at all

The first phone I got, was a 'touch' phone through Virgin Mobile here in Canada. I had a hard time getting to the various phone functions since most of the time,
I would bypass what I was wanting to click on. I also found the phone bulky, as I was used to the much smaller cell phone I already had.

I then returned the touch phone, and got another one, the Motorola RZR K1M. I liked it well enough, but it turned out to be too 'long' when I tried to get it out of my pocket and open it up. The biggest turn off was the fact that although it had a music player, even with the included data cable, I was not able to load the songs I had on my computer to the Motorola phone. I don't know if not having a micro SD
memory card was the reason I couldn't download the songs, or if, as one person told me in another forum, Virgin Mobile didn't want me to download my own songs, only their songs. I also felt, that because the front of the phone looked like it was made out of glass, and if I just looked at it the wrong way, the screen would shatter, that
is the reason I ended up returning the phone. Although the Motorola phone was great in the design, it just seemed to lack 'ruggedness', and made me feel like I needed to put it in bubble wrap every time I put it in my pocket. Anyway, I ended up taking that phone back as well. Along the way, I did find out that other people had all sorts of problems with the music player that was included with the phone, and a lot of people said that the phone itself wasn't that great.

I'd like to hear from anyone out there that has a great, basic flip phone with a few bells and whistles, like a music player, great battery life, a place for a memory card
etc. Right now, I have my old phone back, which is an LG3300 flip phone. The sound quality on calls is pretty good, the ring tones on it are fantastic, and, although the battery quality could be a lot better and longer-lasting, it's great for basic calling.

Anyway, hope I can get some feedback on good quality flip cell phones out there with at least a few more added 'perks' then my current phone has, and that won't break the bank! Thanks all!