After I got my shiny new Motorola Milestone Android phone, I thought it was such a relief not having to deal with costly Nokia Maps anymore as a GPS device.

It should also work with the very similar Motorola Droid.

Here's how you get access to the Google Maps with Navigation function which is limited to the US at the moment. This should work in Canada or Europe or anywhere else outside of the US:

  1. Install SpeechSynthesis Data Installer from the Market.
  2. Download Maps3.2.1-patched-no-root.apk from here or here to your computer. This must be done from your PC and transferred to the phone.
  3. Download a file explorer application. AndExplorer does the trick.
  4. Goto the file explorer and install the AndExplorer package.
  5. Done! You now have navigation on your phone.
Your phone now has two versions of Google Maps. The one with M4ps in the description as opposed to Maps should get you started!