GM Will Spend $109 Million To Preserve 96 Michigan Jobs....


From Bloomberg:

General Motors will invest $109 million in its operations in Flint and Bay City , Mich., to support engine production for current and future fuel-efficient small cars produced for the U.S. market. The investment will protect or add 96 jobs at the two sites.

GM Will Spend $109 Million To Preserve 96 Michigan Jobs | zero hedge
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$1.135416 million per job. Now thats investment in job creation.
The price of gas isn't going down, they probably won't have to wait long to make that money back.
You could be wrong. The US taxpayers own 27% of GM. Maybe the US taxpayer is getting the Government Motors weenie?
Good for them. They made a piss pot of money off the plants the taxpayers funded in Russia and China and they owe it to them.
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I guess the question is whether the money is being spent to preserve jobs, as the writer of the article would have us believe, or whether it is being spent because Flint just happens to be where the company's plant is located. Given the cost of building a brand new plant somewhere else maybe it makes economic sense.
The nice thing is that is part of the GM changes that means fewer jobs in Oshawa, as they move production of some lines to the US.
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How many vehicles those 96 people will build in one year?
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the US taxpayer are getting a guarantee that union jobs and GM will not be lost because they supported President Obama and it is now playback time. GM and Obama owes the unions.