I felt it was time to post this old article about Trudeau - Written by the highly

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I doubt if there's anything Nixon said that is worth quoting. I think the most memorable thing he ever said is "I'm not a crook" and that would only be good for political cartoons.

Maybe so, but some of his tapes were released yesterday, and CNN has put up some of his juicier quotes.

Video - Breaking News Videos from CNN.com
Anyway, here are some of the juicer quotes.

Still basking in the afterglow of a landslide 49-state reelection in 1972, Nixon at one point tells aide Charles Colson that he wants nothing to do with those who would advise reaching out to critics in order to try and unify the country.

“Somebody wrote me a memorandum about that and I told [White House Chief of Staff H.R.] Haldeman if anyone ever showed me that again I'm gonna flush them down the goddamn john," Nixon says.

At another point, Nixon tells then-Republican National Committee Chairman George H.W. Bush that the GOP can further boost its electoral fortunes by recruiting "attractive" women to run for office.

“Understand, I don't do it because I'm for women, but I'm doing it because I think maybe a woman might win someplace where a man might not.”

Nixon also indicates a deep distrust of his senior Cabinet officers, telling Colson on January 5, 1973, to start keeping a detailed log of phone calls made by then-National Security Adviser Henry Kissinger.

"Incidentally, I want it on his private phone too," Nixon tells Colson. "We can get that, can't we?"

Nixon library releases tapes, papers from early in 2nd term - CNN.com

What a great guy. Personally, I would think less of Trudeau if he had not been on Nixon’s enemies list.
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Socrates the Greek
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Why would I want to be any one else , S the G

China great iq, first you would never date women like Barbara Straisant, second you do not have Pierre Elliott Trudeau's charisma to live such a life, I noticed on your avatar you are alone what happened to your friend?.

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I wonder if the rifle he used to make the deer skin coat was registered?
Bloody hunters>
Maybe that should be bloodthirsty hunters.

Hey China , not in a billion light years you will ever become what....

There is only "what is" StG .The process of becoming is a system employed by a loosers .But I,m sure that's beyond you


Pierre Elliott Trudeau was to millions of Canadians.

Hey man,not to the millions west of Winnipeg ; and they were the Canadians who were suffering because of the complete incompetence of that moron .
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Is there a reason that you have posted the same article twice?

First time I saw it, very helpful.

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