How do you watch the playoffs?

I know all of us canadians take our hockey very seriously. So let us know how you spend your evenings and afternoons watching the playoffs. Is there like a special thing you always do that brings luck to your team.

Well i tend to invite people over and we just chill and watch the game, joking around, and placing our bets. And hockey isn't the same without our "cokes".

What do you do...that makes the playoffs special for you?
My husband and I mostly watch the games by ourselves, but I do have my computer on my
lap, as my daughter and I exchange comments throughout the games. We watch lots of plyaoff
games on Center Ice and CBC and TSN, so we sometimes don't watch entire games, we watch
our favourites, or, games which become close and very exciting.
My daughter and I are in the NHL hockey poole, and she has organized a league for us, so we
enjoy doing that as well, and for the playoffs too. It's fun.

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