Rob Ford voted in as Toronto's mayor

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Rob Ford voted in as Toronto's mayor
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Outspoken candidate and city councillor Rob Ford has just been voted to the Mayor's office after record turn-out with his promises to eliminate wasteful spending and to put city spending under a magnifying glass.

Ford now has the difficult job of converting his promises to action and getting on with reforms. Among his them include cutting back taxes and reducing debt. He also promises to cut back on the municipal government payroll by reducing the number of city councillors by half to 22, saving $9 million annually.

He said his first act as mayor will be eliminating a car registration tax.

Rob Ford has become well-known for his opinions on bike lanes and his controversial comments on HIV/AIDS in 2006, “If you are not doing needles and you are not gay, you wouldn’t get AIDS probably.”

In the final results of the elections, Ford received about 47% of the votes cast while his primary opponent, Smitherman got around 36%.

In Ottawa at the same time, former MPP Jim Watson became city mayor for the second time.

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He's a little bit outspoken, but at least he's not PC which is something I respect. Toronto needs a change and a cut back in spending is in order.
I think his whole campaign rides on the transparency issue and cutting down those 22 MP jobs. That's the only way to afford these upcoming 'tax cuts' he's promising. Mind you, one of his tax cuts will already be thrown out the window, when taxpayers realize they have to pay a penalty fee for getting rid of the land transfer tax.

Still, is it worth the savings when we know he will be:

1.) Increasing police presence
2.) Implementing that inner city transit scheme that will inundate the city with more cars and pollution?
3.) Making no plans to reduce traffic outside the downtown core? Where the most congestion actually exists.
4.) Removing any public funding for celebrations like Caribana, Gay Pride, Nuit Blanche and the like?
5.) Ignoring clean technology and has no idea about the environment in general?

I don't know. Seems to me the greed of the credit card maxxing taxpayer is going to bite them in the end.
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