Support Not Guaranteed: Graham

The Honourable Bill Graham , the Leader of Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition , released a statement today saying that his party would not hesitate to defeat the Conservative Ministry if they do not make an effort to accomodate the Opposition in the House of Commons.

Quote: Originally Posted by The Hon. Bill Graham, Leader of the Opposition, P.C.:

In media interviews on February 16, 2006, Graham said that while the first priority of Liberals will be to work constructively with the other parties to make this parliament work as best they can, they will not be afraid to defeat Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s minority Conservative government if need be.

Graham said that Liberals were elected as the Official Opposition and they will oppose in an “effective and principled” manner. That means opposing Harper’s government if he refuses to accommodate Liberal positions on key issues such as child care and income tax cuts.

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I would agree with the statement from the Opposition leader; as the Liberal Government of Canada from the Thirty-eighth Parliament learned the hard way, one cannot take the support of the House for granted; if this Government wishes to govern, it must be prepared to make concessions with the Opposition parties.

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Conservative: 35%

Liberal: 25%

NDP: 24%


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