Is The U.S. Preparing for Martial Law?

What do you people think?
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Look out US citizens the goverment is coming for you Your all terrorists don't you know
I think not
It'll be a cold day in hell before we ever allow that. And I'm refering to your title.
I'm really glad to hear you say that I think not but I'm afraid most of the other people in your country are asleep . They don't even know what the Feds are doing .Every other day I read something that the Feds are passing into laws that does great harm to your wonderful constitution.The majority seems to care about football more than the rights
I think not
I can agree with you there mrmom, there is a level of apathy, you can thank howver the people in blue states that will never allow these things to happen, and should they do happen, I suggest you shut your borders down because there will be another revolution, and we wouldn't want our brothers in the north getting shot at. However, on occassion we could always use a good beer :P
If it was to happen I think the powers that be would probably go for Canada and Mexico as well .Remember all our guns are registered here They probably think it would be easy at least I hope so it will make easier for us to push back
I think not
And I wouldn't expect anything less. Thankfully.

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