Humber College Institute of Technology


I'm an engineer in Brazil and I am planning to study in Humber College Institute of Technology and get another degree. I'm thinking about to attend Information Technology Course.

Does anyone know this college? Is this a good one?

Thanks a lot,
You say you are an engineer so I assume you already have at least a bachelor's degree in engineering. Are you fresh out of college or do you have some experience in your field as well as the degree? I wasn't aware that Humber offered graduate degrees.
I have degree in Engineering and I've worked for 1 year as engineer.

I commited a mistake, actually I would like to attend Business Technology Diploma. In future I want to move definitively to Canada and I think this Diploma would help me.

Another option is Cape Breton University, in Nova Scotia. Do you know this one?

Thanks Again,
Sounds good. Either of the colleges you mentioned would be fine. Good luck.
Humber college is an excellent one. I'm not familiar with the other.