Hello Canada

Hi, I am from Tanzania and have been thinking about visiting three countries worldwide. Canada is one of them. I need to know someone who can tell me about the best and friendliest places to go in Canada . i plan on travelling late October this year.

please e-mail me
Hi David, first off welcome to Canadian Content.

Some may disagree, to a point, but for the most part Canada is a very friendly country. And as for where is the best places to go, I guess that depends on what you are interested in seeing. Here's a couple of links for you:


Thanks, let me check the links out
ALL Canadians are friendly. Except me......
Hank C Cheyenne
anywhere could be fine, Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal are all the hots spot, but maybe it would be best to try something different, why not go somewhere like the Prairies or the Maratimes,? you never know, Canada is a friendly country, your welcome anywhere
Stay away from Torona they are really elitest there. Snobs, real snobs. Nova Scotia rocks if you like sandy beaches, extreamly perdy women and mountains, and sea food. The joy never ends.
You should consider Banff, it is a beautiful city.
Hey David, how can we e-mail you if you have not provided one?

It depends what is your taste.

Toronto is North American city. New, beuatiful, center for banking system and home of CN tower (the highest tower in the world)

Montreal, is the intersection of Europeen and American. Downtown is in no difference from any other north american city but Old Montreal, and Old Port is the reflect of Europeen past of Montreal. The restaurans are great and casino too. Formula 1 is held in Montreal.

Besides, in Montreal and Quebec city you will have an opportunity to meet french women.

Quebec city is totally europeen city. It's an old, romantic city.

Ottawa is quite. Capital of Canada. Logically home of all governamental buildings.

Vancouver is beautiful. The weather is fine. You are not coming in winter. But if you consider staying here in winter, Vancouver is much better place. Vancouver is surrended by mountains, another source of beaty.

Basicly, it depends on your taste.
Of course, you should not ignore Praries and Maritimes. Because of lack of information, I cannot say anything. Other members might tell you more.
Thanks for the info... and yeah i love sea-food and Montreol and Nova Scota as you have mentioned sure sound interesting. I have now placed my e-mail.

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