Where to go?

I want to travel to Canada for 2 weeks to practice english, know Canada and learn snowboarding...
Anyone know a good place (and not too cold) for these things?
My plan is to travel in june.

Snowboarding in June?

I don't know of anyplace like that....maybe in the Rockies?
Yeah, snowboarding in June? Be a little more realistic buddy, June is nearing summer, which there is no snow during that time of year, better chance to come around now or no later then April if your any lucky, best of luch
I think not
He/she probably took the phrase "The Great White North" a bit too literally.
First of all Don't snowboard in June the snow is terrible, you'll be disappointed and significantly poorer. If you can't make other arrangements and really, really, really, really, want to snowboard on wet horrible snow then you'll have to go to either Banff or Jasper as these are the only two hills which will have any snow whatsoever along with a slight possibility of fresh pow in the summer time, though it is very unlikely. There is a Glacier on Whistler but, I don't recommend it so late in the year. The only other places which may have snow are up in the far North of British Columbia or the Yukon but both areas are difficult to get to.
Canadian Guy
I don't know anywhere you'd be able to go snowboarding in June. You could always go to NWT or Yukon, but they're really cool
Google Labrador, it's part of Newfoundland. They have snow there in the summer, I'm not joking I've seen snows storm in June.
the caracal kid
blackcomb glacier is open into the summer. Learning to snowboard on the glacier is really "jumping into the deepend" though.
Quote: Originally Posted by I think not

He/she probably took the phrase "The Great White North" a bit too literally.