Going to study in Canada, please help !

Hey everyone,

I'm looking forward to study in Canada soon, I've already applied to a university called Concordia if you know it , here are their campuses addresses ( Incase you don't know it's location ):

Sir George Williams Campus, located in downtown Montreal:
1455 de Maisonneuve Blvd. W., Montreal, Quebec, Canada, H3G 1M8

Loyola Campus, located in the west end of Montreal:
7141 Sherbrooke St. W., Montreal, Quebec, Canada, H4B 1R6

It would be great if you could answer a few questions I have about studying there:

1-How's the weather like in the areas I mentioned ? ( When's winter, when's summer, how cold does it get there..etc ).

2-How safe is it there?

3-Does it have any natural scenes?, or it's all buildings and stuff ! :P

4-Do most of the people there speak English too, or French is considered to be their first language ?

5-How much do you think is an average monthly cost for Food and Rent there ?

6-Do you recommend studying in somewhere else, if so, please tell me where and which university (I'm looking forward to study Computer Science or Computer Engineering).

Also, it would be great if you could tell me about Langley, and Trinity Western University which's there..

Thanks in advance guys.
Have you applied for a Study visa?
Do you have a Passport?
Are you going to be living on campus?

Now the questions I can answer XD

1. Winter is from Dec- Feb and Summer is from June to August (that's if I remember correctly)

5. Rent can be anywhere from 500-1200 and food ranges depending on what you buy and how much you eat.

If either of those are wrong please correct me ^^
Dexter Sinister
The best place in Canada for computer science is probably the University of Waterloo, according to what I've heard in a 30-year career in the business. http://www.uwaterloo.ca/

Concordia's certainly a first rate university too though, you'll never be sorry you went there.

How cold it gets is relative; depends on where you're coming from and what you're used to. Winter temperatures in Montreal are routinely well below zero on the Celsius scale, but where I live that's nothing, I endure winter temperatures of -30 degrees and worse. Montreal can get that cold, but it hardly ever happens. On the other hand, 30 centimeters of heavy wet snow in a day is not uncommon.

Montreal is one of the nicest, most attractive large cities I've ever visited, second only to Vancouver among Canadian cities, for my money, but I've never been there in the winter. It's a very cosmopolitan, cultured place, in my experience, and anybody who fails to enjoy it must be dismally stupid. It's a great place to visit, set in a lovely bit of geography, on and around an island in a big river, with a minor mountain in the middle of town: Mount Royal, Mont Réal.

For safety concerns, you really need to hear from a Montreal resident, but I can tell you that when I've been there I've never felt any concern for my personal safety. But I rarely feel much concern for that. I'm a good deal bigger than the average size person, which carries a certain intimidation factor; other people may have different experiences. Canada generally, however, is a pretty safe place.

French is the dominant language, but I'm a mostly unilingual English speaker from western Canada and I've never had any trouble there over it. I know a little bit of French from studying it in secondary school a hundred or so years ago (well, it seems that long ago now), but I'm certainly not fluent. Lots of people in Montreal speak English, and lots of people are bilingual. There'll always be a few morons who'll refuse to speak what they perceive to be the language of the oppressors and will give you a hard time about not knowing French, but they'll do it in rapid French so you won't understand it anyway. Just walk away. There are morons like that everywhere, and there are far more of them in Paris than in Montreal.

And when/if you get to my country, welcome to Canada and if there's anything I can do to make your visit better, just ask.
Thanks ALOT for replying guys, specially Dexter Sinister, your reply really made my day .

You're talking about Quebec too, right? ( Just making sure.. :P )

Also, can you please tell me if there are any natural scenes there, like at least some nice parks and stuff.. ?

How's Waterloo, Ontario ( the place ) compared to Concordia's location ?

Thanks again !
How come nobody replied to MY topic about studying in Canada?! Talk about rejection.....hmph
I'll agree that Waterloo university is definitely the place to be for your field, though the university itself isn't really anywhere important (Waterloo is like solely a university town).

Ontario means nearly 100% english and weather-wise I think Waterloo has around the same temperatures as Montreal though it may recieve less snow for not being in the snow belt (I think). Anyone who knows better can correct.

BTW snow-belt only means areas that receive truly obscene amounts of snow, Waterloo definitely gets snow as well.

Lastly, where are you from?
Hey, I live in Montreal. Concordia is a great university, you won't regret it.

Snow usually starts coming down in late November, early December, However these days with the Global warming in effect, it's possible that it won't snow until late December. Temperatures range from -20 C in winter (sometimes can get colder, but it's not really common) and the average winter temperature is around -10 C, and in summer in can go up to +40 C but the average is around 27 C plus lots of humidity.

Montreal is pretty safe, much safer than most other cities in North America (and most probably safer than all American cities). It's a clean, safe environment.

It absolutely does have natural places! There are parks every second block, and in many neighbourhoods and areas, trees are planted on sidewalks (well, in soil which is surrounded by sidewalk) so it adds more green and life into the area.

That's all I can answer for now.
hi metallicaband,
I study in concordia univesity. The service is really great compared to McGill (another enlish language university in Montreal). There is a free shuttle between two campuses. It runs every 15 min or less during studies. You will reach any campus within 15 min, as fast as car.

Instructers are great, almost.

tuition fees is low compared to McGill. But not lowest in Canada. http://www.aucc.ca/can_uni/our_unive...s/index_e.html here you can compare the tuition fees.

Universities are kind of specialized here (montreal) like McGill is good to study medicine. Univesite de Montreal for science, in french of course.
Computer science is not bad here.

About the safety, I doubt that Montreal is unsafe. Of course depends where you live. If you consider living in campus. West Montreal (where the dorm is located) is absolutly safe.

About the language, french is official languge but most (if not all) people in Montreal are biliangual. You won't have any trouble with your English, unless you want to work. hardly can you find a job only with English. Logically, everbody is bilingual, so the employees should be bilingual too.

About the cost, I don't know how much it costs to rent a dorm. But rent and food is much cheaper than in Toronto.

hope it helps.
I will add more, if something else comes to my mind.

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