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Can someone please help me. We are going to Toronto in June and it would make my Husbands trip(if not his year) if we could hire a pick up truck for our stay. I can get some quotes but they say I can't book till nearer the time. I can't seem to get anyone at the airport to rent me one though!!!

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you
Haggis McBagpipe
Hi Yadobber (or la2ysurfbum?), I can't help you with your problem, but you are best to just post your question once. I'll leave it in both places in this case, but please, don't keep posting the same question.

Thanks! And welcome. You'll have fun here on the forum, and when you arrive for your holidays, I'm sure you'll have no problem finding a pick-up truck for hire.
you can get quotes online at avis.ca or budgets website, you can even get everythign taken care of online if you want.

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