Bell Mobility is taking Canadians to court

February 23, 2015 – Over the weekend, OpenMedia learned that Bell Mobility filed a motion with the Federal Court of Appeal in an attempt to reverse a recent CRTC decision that found the company to be unlawfully making competing mobile video apps and services more expensive. In the filing, Bell names several individual Canadians, including concerned citizen Ben Klass who originally filed a complaint about Bell’s practices with the CRTC in November 2013, as well as several public interest groups.

In January , the CRTC ruled that companies like Bell must stop exempting their own services from users’ monthly data caps – marking up competing video services by up to 800%. Bell was given until April 29 to stop the practice and respect net neutrality, but they are now challenging the decision.

Excellent news. This should help resolve some of the outstanding questions about net neutrality.
simple solution- don't use Bell if you don't like their prices.
Not that simple or penalty free unless Bell Mobility is willing to waive all early cancellation fees to let you leave...........
Don't sign a contract with them in the first place. You have the option of monthly billing. Just don't get a "free "phone.

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