"Bizarre": SEE what's REALLY in the Paris climate agreement

"Bizarre": SEE what's REALLY in the Paris climate agreement

I forced myself to read the agreement that came out of the Paris COP21 global warming conference, so I could report the details to you.


One thing I like to do with treaties is search for words like "legally binding," "penalties," and "deadlines." None of those words are in there.

Because think about it: How do you bind Mother Nature to a certain temperature?

But there is a $100 billion a year slush fund. That’s what Trudeau wants to pay into. This isn’t a global warming treaty. It’s a foreign aid treaty.

But instead of real foreign aid, that helps feed people and build hospitals, this will go to green schemes like buying carbon credits. It will be stolen.

PS: Here’s what kills me. Not one in a hundred conservative politicians has the courage, or self-respect, or honesty to stand up and say: This is B.S.

My first guest tonight, Lorrie Goldstein, talks to me about what comes after Paris, especially when it comes to cap and trade and other schemes that will cost Canadian taxpayers money.

He calls the whole process "the perfect scam," adding:

"This is the UN's final break from reality."

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But they looked good doing it, lol.
the stoogent council and prom committee type people.