The American Moon Base Is Dead

The American Moon Base Is Dead

I was listening to President Obama speech on the future of NASA and he killed the American moon base plan because according to him “We done that already”

He instead wants to develop deep space missions using new technologies developed by American scientists to lead the way to new discoveries.

The American recession is far from over and they just can’t spend any money on Space exploration.

The Americans already booked space on the Russian space missions for two years just to get to the International space station and if and when they develop a cheaper mode of space transportation then American will join the space race again.

Canada should build a launch pad and have a space program that we can be proud of.

If we put the Canadarm1 and Canadarm2 together... Along with everything else up there we put.

Shhh... It's a Canadian secret.
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The Orion project will get the Moon base started, unless Richard Branson does it first.

We still got DEXTRE!

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