Living in Olympic host city

Yes, this is a cycling oriented website by cyclists who live in Vancouver. Spring-like right now here. There is an article in late Jan. 2010, that Vancouver maybe the first host Winter Olympics with ...the most number of cyclists for local transportation. Anyway, alot of road closures downtown here.

We didn't buy any tickets to sports events. But have gone to freebie cultural events. There are things to see without spending a whack of ticket money but of course, accommodation might be a challenge right now.

Enjoy at least what the athletes are trying hard for!
Probably the most worthwhile event for the general public is the cross-Canada torch relay. It hasn't reached us yet. I think it's a good thing for the "runners" and public who need to have something positive, work towards something positive and the torch is part of that feeling. Most runners, cyclists, etc. who already engage in such exercise regularily have personally felt the 'high', personal victory of finishing a difficult bike ride, run, in short a 'journey' ..but not everyone has yet felt that type of physical achievement. And if there's one thing from the Olympics that is worthwhile, it would be the torch relay itself.

And inspiring for the next generation who to see it and to understand the physical symbol of working hard towards something positive.
There's a silver lining in every cloud, no matter how thin.

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