Australian sports minister wears Great Britain shirt after losing bet

Australia's sports minister Kate Ellis had to wear a Great Britain Olympic team's shirt at the Paralympics after losing a bet with her British counterpart.

Ellis said that if Great Britain finishes above Australia in the Olympics medals table then she would wear a Great Britain shirt at a major sporting event. Likewise, Britain's sport's minister Gerry Sutcliffe had to wear an Australia shirt if the reverse happened.

Britain then finished above its former penal colony in the Olympics medals table for the first time in twenty years.

Britain also currently lies second in the Paralympics Medals table, and Australia are in sixth .

Britain and Australia are deadly rivals in sport, especially in the rugby and cricket - and The Ashes return next year.

Australian sport minister Kate Ellis dons Team GB shirt after Olympic defeat

Australian sports minister Kate Ellis had to suffer the humiliation of wearing a Team GB shirt after losing a bet that Australia would win more medals than Britain in the Olympics.

By Jessica Salter
10 Sep 2008
The Telegraph

Australian sport minister Kate Ellis and British sport minister Gerry Sutcliffe are seen at the Wheelchair Basketball match between Australia and Great Britain on day two of the 2008 Paralympic Games. Ellis had to wear a Great Britain shirt.
Photo: GETTY

Ellis made the deal with her British counterpart Gerry Sutcliffe but she lost out as Team GB won 19 golds to Australia's 14.

She wore a Team GB top during a visit to the Paralympic Games in China.

Sutcliffe said: "Kate's a great sport to honour our bet."

"But after all, we did win fair and square, with our fantastic athletes proving just how good our elite sport can be.

"The bet was a bit of light-hearted fun, but I'm thrilled that we had such unprecedented success at the Olympics, putting us in fourth position ahead of great sporting nations like Australia."

Great Britain finished fourth in the Olympics with Australia two places behind in sixth place.

Ellis took the defeat in good sporting spirit.

She said: "It's great that there's a healthy rivalry between our two nations and I congratulate Great Britain on their success at the Olympics.

"I'll eat a little humble pie along with the Australian team and we'll work a little harder for our future success.

Great Britain are also leading its former colony in the paralympics, currently occupying second spot to Australia's sixth.

Swimmer Eleanor Simmonds yesterday became Britain's youngest individual Paralympic gold medallist at the age of 13 and she and her colleagues have now surpassed the haul of their Olympic counterparts.
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