The Canadian economy is doing great.
Has anyone thought about the future?

How will our individual contributions improve the lives of future generations?
what a stimulating first-post.

Welcome to the forum.

Unfortunately I don't think I know enough about the canadian economy or ecomonics in general to be able to comment
funny, but Holiday in the Sun lyrics just came to mind....

There's no future
No future
No future for you God save the queen
We made it man
We love our queen
God saves
I heard Canadian (TSX) stock was having free fall lol.
I blame it to evil loaners who give out money to everyone :P

Yeah sure, it ain't so well in Niagara Region
Especially with this SSP agreement, the tourists income have fell about 30% in just a year.
I, once again, blame it to Alberta for making too much oil, thus, boosting our dollar so much.

Yes, we are doing "pretty" well because hehe, we have Wal-Mart at every single corner of our map Hehe

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