Cancer deaths set to exceed cardiovascular disease: StatsCan

CBC News
Cancer deaths may soon surpass deaths from cardiovascular disease, Statistics Canada said Friday in its report on mortality rates.

Libra Girl
Not necessarily...
Old age will kill us all. Of course, it has its henchmen. Its most prolific site managers will be Boredom, Loneliness and Irrelevance.
it bottles my mind, like how complicated CANCER is. Like you'd think by now we aka humans would know already enough about it. Like we have all these computer technology and tones of other inventions and things which to some humans are just so complicated. But it looks to be CANCER is the most complicated thing out there, and yet we know so little about it.
I wonder if we'll ever be able to treat cancer, i really do hope so...i hear so many sad stories about people passing away because of it, i hope one day we'll get that cure finally.

Hey, is any1 attending "RELAY FOR LIFE" Cancer Walk of Hope this year?
I am in brampton, at the brampton fair grounds. I'd like to know if any1 else is attending this event?
Libra Girl:

Love your counter-post. The only reason I haven't posted is there is nothing else to say. Well done.

Libra Girl
Thanks... It was just sheer coincidence that I happened to be reading the article in the link, and found it interesting, when I spotted the title of the op.