Foreign Students to Work in Canada

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The Honourable Monte Solberg , P.C. , M.P. , the Member for Medicine Hat and the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration , has stated that foreign students are going to have the right to begin making applications for permits to work in Canada during their education, effective at once. Foreign students are eligible to work for up to twenty hours per week during the academic year, and they can work full-time during breaks.

The Minister highlighted the fact that foreign students contribute somewhere in the area of four billion dollars (+CAD$4 000 000 000) to the Canadian economy; there are approximately one hundred thousand students who would become eligible to apply for work permits under this new program, the Off-Campus Work Permit Program .

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Government of Canada[/color]]Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) has signed agreements with most provinces to implement the program, and agreements with New Brunswick and the Yukon are currently being finalized. The agreements allow eligible foreign students at public post-secondary institutions to work off-campus for up to 20 hours a week during the school year and full-time during study breaks.

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My Opinion Re: Off-Campus Work Permit Program

I think that this is another decision for which I can support the Government of Canada . I think that it should be recognized that persons who come to Canada to be educated have just as much a need to support themselves as would any citizen or permanent resident; to that end, I think that this is a good decision, and I commend the Minister for having made this announcement.

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It appears to be an intelligent decision.
Free Thinker
Yes, and it will ensure that on-campus work is held to the market standard as far as employment standards.