Pesticide Ban - Cancer Society gets behind it:CANCER CAUSING

In what some would see as a "policy turnaround", the Canadian Cancer Society {CCA] has finally grown some balls and is speaking out about the cancer-causing effects of pesticides.

The CCA is urging municipalities across New Brunswick to ban the use of pesticides on residential and public property.

Of course, there is a corporate interest saying the one thing most dangerous for cancers:
"no pesticide used in Canada is known to cause cancer"
- this is based on the idea that there is no easy way to prove such a link, and that no effort has been put into trying to find out!!
They simply don't include the information that shows people exposed to the pesticides GET cancers, its just impossible to show the mechanism, and so they say that means "no proof".

So it is obviously a bogus statement made by a corporate interest.. all the others are saying it now - that pesticides DO cause cancers, and you can be the corporate side is angry with the CCA.

A big pat on the back of the CCA for finally doing this. They have played down the pesticide link to cancer for many years now, so that makes this even tougher to do.
Good on them - the CBC program must have embarrased them.

"Cancer society pushing pesticide ban " - April 2006
That is good news Karlin. My neighbour recently went on a Pesticide Spraying course and I had a discussion with him on the dangers of pesticides. He informed me that one of the first things he was tought on the course was that "Those of us who are against pesticide use are the "un-educated" and we are more dangerous than pesticides, then he lectured me on how safe they are and that they are good for the Environment. I sort of stood still with my mouth open.
Thanks for the reply.

Yes, it is stunning to see just how much some people become parrots of the corporate word. Even some people we might know personally, they become like a different person, suddenly spouting these words like they are under a spell or something.

Oddly, the two main places I see this behavior is with religion and corporatism. Maybe there is a reason for these groups take on "a doctrine of authority" so readily, like fear or insecurity. Brain damage perhaps, I am not sure but I have seen friends and family go that route.

Thanks again,
Karlin your words are so true. I told my neighbour yesterday that if he uses pesticides be prepared for the consequences. He asked what they might be and I told him "If you wake up one morning and you have three breast don't wail why me lord, ask yourself why you needed to use pesticides on your lawn". There butter cups for christ sakes not killer weeds.

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