Brothers and Sisters

What is the worst or grossest thing your brother or sister has ever done to you, or what you did to them?
Now you are getting in the gutter bevvy. My brothers were monsters They are ok now tho, old age has mellowed them out, kinda, sometimes its a pain in the ass when you love dumb asses, is that a oxy moron? well they are oxy morons so I guess its ok. There are so many I would not know where to start. Once when both of them were in different camps (logging) I happen to be out fishing, and you know everyone can hear you up and down the coast when you talk on radio. Well believe it or not, on the radio I hear those two assholes talking to each other, about ME! Dam I was hopping mad! like I want everyone up and down the coast to know my business. Don't worry I paid them back, I knew when they were coming out of camp, so I messed with their wipers on their trucks. It was the rainy season, rain every day season, hard to drive without wipers season. I gotta get to bar fast season, how do I drive 20 miles without wipers season. I cracked up when I saw them coming home, both in one truck, they had rigged something with a rope, and one brother was pulling one his piece of rope and the other was pulling his piece. What happened Bros?

The most annoying thing the little lumberjacks would do, was if we happen to be out in the middle of nowhere on a logging road, and we happen to get out, they would both get back in the vehicle first, than everytime I would get close to getting in the vehicle they would lurch and drive ahead. They would make me walk for miles with this dumb ass bullshit laughing there heads off. Many times I thought of obtaining a boyfriend that would gives those boys a licking they would not forget.

My sisters are normal
Ha that's hilarious. I actually saw a car in Victoria with that same rigging on the windshield wipers, some guy hanging out the window pulling and pushing to make them go.

Maybe it was them!
I have 1 sister.. She's always been annoying and stupid to me.. even tried to kill me 5 times.. She sees me as an alien or something.. She says That I don't belong in the family..
We're always fighting and she never stops ;S I hope she'll ever be nice to me or somethin :S

I wish I had a little sister or a little brother Would be nice hehe.
JD dream, your sister sounds like my brothers! They have tried to kill me plenty of times, that is why I hate WW wrestling. They would go faithfully to all matches and come home and practice wrestling moves on me the worst was the corkscrew! They are nice to me now tho, they know peapod does not get mad at them, she gets even and she is smarter and sneaker than them

What can be interesting is the fights they have had between themselves. Brother against brother. When they were in their late teens, they are only a couple of years apart, they were both doing the same girl, not knowing what the other was up to. They both must have liked her because when they found out, they went nuts on each other! Good thing my parents were not home and on holidays. The fight tumbled out into the yard, ma would be very upset if her nik naks would have been broken. Man was it harsh! fists flying. We lived in Port Hardy at the time, a lawless place, sorta, the only two RCMP were usually having coffee somewhere.

One of my brothers had a old chev pickup he was going to restore, the loser of the fight, we had to break it up, it was getting to nasty! he goes and gets some gas and sets the truck on fire!

They made up about a week later, and had nothing good to say about the girl When my parents came home they wanted to know where the truck had gone, my brother said he gave it up to an old girlfriend
Aww Poor JD, sisters can be so horrible sometimes. What did you do to get back at her?

I used to tease my sister about being a hairy monkey cause she had lots of hair on her arms. Gorilla girl is what I used to call her. Always good a few tears and wailing to Mom.
My sister, who is 12 years older than me, are really close. One time when I was about four, I took all her underwear and cut out the crotches to use for my Barbie dolls. I think I made them into 'capes'. Interesting. Then I took her padded bras and cut them up and used them as 'hats' for the Barbies. Sort of that oriental look we all admire. Oh yeah, I was a dream all right.

I use to get my brother to tie my shoes, and give him shit if they weren't tight enough. He's 7 years older than me.

Those poor guys. I really feel sorry for them now..........

Lots of stupid fights, but nothing to rival setting the truck on fire. Pity.
What a great topic! I have a brother, 5 yrs older then me. Now we're actually very good friends, but growing was a different story:

- many times when he was throwing darts I got mysteriously hit

- when he played all those violent (and now politically incorrect) games such as war and cowboys and indians, I was always prisoner, "tortured" on occasion

- pushed me into the pool once, I was 4 and I couldn't swim

- when I did learn to swim, he'd sneak up behind me in the water and push me under and keep me under

- once I got a rock in the head, still have the scar, it was meant for him, some guys were just waiting for him to come out, and he sent me out first

From him I also learned at an early age how to climb trees, spit really far, burp words, Bruce Lee self-defence moves etc etc
EternalSunshine I can commiserate with ya. I was the back catcher when my brother took up pitching. I was only about 6 and couldn't catch the ball. So I had to crouch there holding a bucket to catch the super ball, remember them. He beaned me in the head, knocked me on me flat on my butt. Had a wonderful lump and bruise to take to school with me.
Hey all island mama's in one place at one time! galaniomama lets hear your stuff, I know you got a brother! Surely he was as bad as mine were! This is funny! A doctor was just here to see one of the residents, he says peapod will you watch my bag while I go to the drugstore and fill this prescription.

I really wanted to look and see what a doctor bag looked like on the iside, but I did not, than I wanted to try on his steoscope that was sitting on his bag, but I did not, when he comes back I tell him about my urges, he shows me what in his bag, than he lets me try on his scope. I had to give him a buttertart tho
Hey its lunch time, I am going out into the rain! I am so happy that it is raining, I love love love the rain, but than again I live on the rock catch you hot mamas later.
Eternal sunshine, you poor kid! don't ya love that stuff, your parents are never around at the appropriate time. my brother use to always walk by me and 'needle' me with his arms. and he hated stew. mind you, that might have had something to do with the way mom made it. but he would sit there and make horrible faces and open his mouth and let me see, grossing me out. yeah, brothers are quite something. he is the best brother though, he always took me shopping, bought me books and records and stuff. watched my back. he taught me how to drive!!!! i just realized that!!! he had an old 58 chevie with the column shift. great stuff. i think i was about 14 or so when i would go flying down the road.
Those are good eternal sunshine Looks like I had the worst brothers! But I have to admit they turned out to be pretty good men. They still try to mess with peapod, but not like when we were growing up. The last one being going horseback riding, which I had never done, they convience me to give it a try, more like they taunt me into it. We go and they made sure unknown to me that I got a horse that should be on medication!

You have to remember I have never been on a horse, so it was scary, but I would be darned if I would let them know that. Everytime a branch moved or a leaf, this horse would just about jump out of his skin, it was making me real nervous to, there were those two bozo's up ahead looking back laughing their heads off every time they turned back. I am still trying to think of a way to pay them back one of these days, mess with their fishing rods? maybe

My god galaniomama you could have stared in that clint eastwood movie play misty for me! Its very distrubing what you did with sissors to your sister's underwear I never had a barbie doll, I knew she was a bad influence, I wanted a new lure instead Hey look at this I got some work to do...gee whiz are they trying to justisfy my paychecks or what around here.
And just in case others didn't read Island Ramblings, my brother was such a pig. One day I was reading the newspaper with a cup of tea and a stack of peanut butter toast. He got out of bed to answer the phone, in his underwear. He asked for a piece of toast and he was politely told to make some himself. So he dipped his hand down his shorts, gave himself a rub and a scratch and then patted my toast. He got the whole stack.
Great stories! .... I am the oldest of 6. 2 brothers and 3 sisters.

We were an "army brat" family ... never staying put too long in one spot. Ottawa, Edmonton, Vancouver (lived at Jerico Beach), Camp Borden (near here, around Barrie, ON), Quebec City, back to Borden, then on my own (finally grew up!).

Took 13 schools till I finally got out of high school. Moving around sure made you able to adapt!

Being the oldest (next was 4 years younger than me), and being independent and an explorer, I never had the brother/sister battles (that I can remember, anyway). I did have a lot of babysitting "situations", and retrieving siblings from personally inflicted distress so our parents wouldn't find out.

Now it is 2 sisters in Ottawa (with familes), 1 brother on Ottawa (with family), 1 sister in Kingston (with family), and a wayward bro in Melbourne, Australia (with wife and her daughter, after they met on the net). I'm in Barrie, away from it all. Maybe I was always in the "avoidance" mode

There are stories about my taking the rubber tip off an arrow from my Cowboy and Indian bow and arrow set, sharpening it and shooting my one sister in the face (just missed her eye) - but I'm sure that is exaggerated
AH! bogie we could adopt you as an islander! You are starting to talk to us We like knowing everything about people, that way we don't have to think about selves.

I have two sisters. My parents were busy 5 times in their lives, having all five us one right after the other. I am the oldest and the meanest. No wonder! when you are the oldest you get the dirty end of the stick on everything. You are suppose to know better, you are suppose go without to stop your crying sister from wanting your stuff. You are the one that has to babysit them, and they don't listen, and if they all decide to gang up on you, watch out But I guess I would not trade them in on a new one. Hope they never find out I said that

One thing that stand out in my mind about my sisters is once in our teens we built a huge bon fire down on the beach. We had two bottles of southern comfort which we proceeded to drink. It was bad, never drank that stuff again! I kind of woke up, because maybe it was the fact that my sisters were playing soccer on the beach, and I was their ball!!!! they were kicking and rolling me all over the place. Now those two I could lick real quick. I stripped them both down and threw their cloths in the ocean and went home, I could hear them wailing away has I ran up the trail. They eventually came home, they must have went swimming for their cloths, they had missing items to, and they were all dripping wet. I looked up and grinned and thought you two better not ever mess with me again. They didn't
My twin is fine and my older brother is just somewhat... misguided. We never really did anything totally stupid or harmful to eachother (cept when I accidentally hit a baseball right back at my twin and hit him in the face lol)
Peapod, how mean! snicker snicker

AH! I don't go looking for trouble honest. But you try waking up from to many southern comforts and find yourself being used as a scoccer ball on a beach, now thats mean. Those two did not plan on me waking up Bullies always get peapod to see red

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