Your thoughts on Erin O'toole and CANZUK?


Though the idea does reveal his ethnocentrism, I still see it as a step in the right direction as long as it does not come at the expense of more closed borders to countries that are more geographically closer to us. After all, though open borders between Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the UK can only be a good thing in principle, the degree of benefit cannot compare in comparison with trade with our geographical neighbours due simply to the transportation costs involved between these far-flung countries.

That said, however ethnocentric the policy, may be, it might still be a step in the right direction towards more openness to the world.

That said, Quebec will probably want something similar for itself too. For example, maybe we could promote a similar policy between Canada and the EU (and France and Belgium should either leave the EU).

Such a policy would also significantly increase the value of Canadian nationality in terms of the international freedom that the Canadian passport would suddenly grant us.

Your thoughts on this?
In the Trump era, the plan for a Canadian-U.K.-Australia-New Zealand trade alliance is quickly catching on | Financial Post

After having read this article, I'm even more in favour of CANZUK, at least in principle as long as it does not sacrifice open borders with our geographically closest neighbours.

There is no denying though that a CANZUK trade negotiator would carry far more clout in trade negotiations than a simple Canadian one. Trump could balk at Canada or any other CANZUK partner taken individually, but would have no choice but to take CANZUk very seriously as a potential trading partner that would carry significant weight.