Civil rights groups launch Charter challenge against Citizenship Act.

The new act proposes to revoke citizenship for those convicted of terrorism, and two civil liberties groups have filed Charter challenges against the provisions. I'm ambivalent - I think citizenship should be revoked for treason, as opposed to terrorism, but, if a person commits an act outside Canada, should he lose his citizenship?

I'm not convinced.
I am just amazed that Canada has such a law.

Canada has to be the most conservative country in the world.
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It is a good law, nor enforced often enough. Only leftys support terrorism.
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So, the two civil liberties groups think its okay for someone who, if convicted of terrorism in a court of law, to retain their citizenship? Huh! Berry Interestink!

Does this law apply to born Canadians and immigrants alike? Just wondering.....

I'm on the fence with this one...depending on the circumstances, whether they're born here or immigrated here, I certainly wouldn't want them back here, so revoking their citizenship is certainly one way to keep them out.

Hmmmmmm - have to think this through.....
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It is a good law, nor enforced often enough. Only leftys support terrorism.

It is a great law!

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