Alien Cosmic Expo explores out of this world phenomena
Nick Westoll, Toronto Sun
First posted: Sunday, June 21, 2015 03:34 PM EDT
A former senior Canadian cabinet minister in the 1960s, Paul Hellyer made waves in 2005 by declaring that aliens and UFOs exist.
At 91, the former politician from Toronto shows no signs of slowing down while he prepares to take the stage as a feature speaker next weekend at the first annual Alien Cosmic Expo in Brantford.
The Alien Cosmic Expo — billed as an event that examines extraterrestrial life and occurrences from a scientific perspective, will have 24 speakers talking about a wide-range of related topics, as well as an exhibitor space.
“There are a lot of things (the public doesn’t) know,” said Hellyer, whose political career included a stint as defence minister in Lester B. Pearson’s Liberal government. Pierre Trudeau defeated him for the Liberal Party leadership in 1968.
Hellyer, who has been raising issues surrounding UFOs for the past 10 years, became interested in the subject after reading the book The Day After Roswell. He said he recognized some of the military bases from his time as defence minister. He later spoke with a U.S. general, who he says told him that the details in the book were accurate.
Hellyer said he received reports about UFO sightings while sitting as a cabinet minister. He added that 80% of the reports were natural phenomena — planets, lights, etc. — but 20% of the reports couldn’t be explained.
“You think it’s a really bright star, and then all of a sudden it changes location in the sky by three or four degrees in about three or four seconds ... stars don’t do that,” Hellyer said when describing sightings.
Former Toronto journalist Bob Mitchell, a Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) field investigator and expo speaker, recently wrote a book with the first-person accounts from four people who claimed they had encounters with aliens.
“Their stories never changed from the times I started talking to them. The four people didn’t know each other, so they had no idea what the other people were telling me. But yet there were some similarities in their stories,” Mitchell said. “They all gave very vivid descriptions.”
Mitchell noted there has been an increase in people coming forward over the past two years based on various television shows that have aired on places like the History Channel.
He added people have reportedly described aliens as “greys” based on the colour. Some have also reported seeing a 2.4-metre praying mantis-type figure.
And what does Mitchell have to say to the skeptics of the stories brought forward by the people like those in his book?
“If people had the opportunity to talk to them like I have, they would come away wondering whether there is not another reality that we’re not 100% sure of.”
The Alien Cosmic Expo runs from June 26-28 at the Best Western Plus Brant Park Inn. While access to the exhibitor hall is free, there is a charge to hear presentations. Get details at Conference on Scientific Study of Extraterrestrial Life & Occurrences | Alien Cosmic Expo 2015
Paul Hellyer (Toronto Sun files)

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