Go Green - greener, better refrigerators using quantum theory!

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Refrigerators are wasteful heat removers. They rely on refrigerant flowing through coils, absorbing and expelling heat — a very inefficient process that makes them one of the biggest energy-sucking appliances in most homes. But scientists are exploring ways to eliminate the need for refrigerant, using quantum materials to pump away heat with magnetism. (Quantum....mmmmn).

Quantum materials show promise for greener, better refrigerators | CIFAR Knowledge Circle
captain morgan
As long as it keeps my beer cold, I'm all for it.

.... That and the cost isn't 10X that of a conventional frudge
El Barto
This what happens when you go green
captain morgan
She doesn't look happy
El Barto
Quote: Originally Posted by captain morgan View Post

She doesn't look happy

she's green
captain morgan
It's Sprout after a sex change.
Hope that earth could be greener, i'd like to breathe under clean air.
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This what happens when you go green

she hulk? orion?

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