Quantum theory and Physical space.

Quantum theory and Physical space.

In microscopic physics, or quantum physics, the notion of space is associated
with an "arena of actions" in which all physical processes and phenomena take place.
And this arena of actions we feel subjectively as a "receptacle for subjects".
The measurement of physical space has long been important.
The International System of Units (SI) is today the most common system of units
used in the measuring of space, and is almost universally used within physics.
However, let us critically look at the determination of physical space as an “arena of actions”.
All this means that physical space is a peculiar substrate that is subject to certain laws,
which as has been seen below are purely mathematical.

Physical space - Inerton

This article is very professional.
One problem :
the "arena of quantum actions" is purely mathematical and
doesn't have practical reference frame. (!)
Then I cannot understand:
Why we need to search quantum particle ( Higgs boson ) in the
reference frame of CERN / LHC if at the end it is a purely mathematical game?
Bay the way,
the “big bang “ also doesn't have an " arena of actions" – a reference frame.
So, maybe the God’s table is the an "arena of quantum actions" .
There are many illusions in science.
Quantum Mechanics is the most successful scientific theory
ever created by human beings. But we have more than
14 interpretations of QT and all are problematical.
Why are they problematical ?
Because the "arena of quantum actions" is purely mathematical and
someone wrote:
' If you try to search for 'reference frame ' for the photon
'emission & re-emission', you will find only some
'Quantum-Mechanics' Mumbo jumbo and very little else.'
In this purely mathematical " arena of quantum actions"
“ virtual particles” exist . Nobody gives their physical parameters.
Somehow these virtual particles became real particles.
And because we don’t know the fundament of physics we have many
speculations, therefore, in my opinion, physicist tell us stories about
universe as some kind of mysterious Alice’s Wonderland .
The geniuses technology + a comic philosophy = our modern education.
The situation is:
most physicists focus on the symptoms of that is bothering technology and
not addressing the root cause that is producing the symptoms
And they / we frequently think that those symptoms are our root issues
and challenges. However, there is something much bigger and deeper
than those symptoms masking a root cause.
Is it hard to identify the root cause?
In my opinion the root cause is hidden in questions:
Was the ether theory pseudoscientific?
Does ether / vacuum exist?
Can ether / vacuum be absolute - infinite reference frame: T=0K ?
Does absolute zero T=0K have real physical meaning ?
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I want to say that physicists try to explain big-bang ,SRT, quantum particles . . .
. . . without using reference frame.
If we want to know what elephant is then we must to study its surrounded
space- savanna too.
If we want to know what fish is then we must to study its surrounded space -
sea / river / ocean too.
Because the different forms of living beings depend on the surrounded space.
Without using reference frame physicists explain us what fish is when . . . .
. . . this fish is on the plate on the table restaurant.

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