Tropical sexually transmitted disease can cause genitals to rot away

Tropical sexually transmitted disease can cause genitals to rot away
Brad Hunter
August 22, 2018
August 22, 2018 12:54 PM EDT
A new tropical STI that has been found in the UK can cause your genitals to rot away. (Postmedia files)
A frightening sexually transmitted disease originating in the tropics can cause your genitals to fall off if left untreated.
The disease, which causes genitals to become flesh-eating ulcers, has been detected for the first time in the U.K. and is reportedly making a comeback in other countries as well.
According to the Daily Mirror, the rare STD Donovanosis is usually found in remote tropical countries.
It causes genital ulcers to grow and spread. Untreated, the flesh in the groin area starts to eat itself.
So far it has been diagnosed in the U.K. three times.
STD Donovanosis can cause your genitals to rot away.
One of the victims, who lives in southern England, is between the ages of 15 and 25.
While Donovanosis can be treated with antibiotics, treating it quickly is crucial.
Some facts about Donovanosis:
— Most infections start in the genital area but can also appear around the nose, mouth and chest.
— There are four strains of the disease.
— First is fleshy red ulcers that bleed when touched.
— A dry ulcer with a raised, uneven edge, is the second.
— A necrotic infection is deep, smelly and causes damage to tissues.
— Men are twice as likely to get the bug.
— Symptoms show up from one to 12 weeks from infection.
— Most commonly found in southeast India, Guyana and New Guinea
“This is a very rare and nasty condition and it could be one of the first times it has been recorded in the U.K.,” pharmacist Shamir Patel told the Mirror. “Any delay (in treatment) could cause the flesh around the genitals to literally rot away.”
Patel added: “This bacteria is also a risk factor in the transmission of HIV.”
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