Downhill Ice Cross is an extreme sport whereby four competitors on skates hurl themselves down a frozen track, through twists and turns and over ramps in a race to finish first. The sport is gaining popularity with good skaters and hockey players.

Below is an aerial shot of the Crashed Ice course being set up in Niagara Falls. This is the first time the sport has descended on this city. The best view of the waterfalls will be from the Start line, reserved for approx three dozen racers from around the world

Sat Dec 1st, 2012 at 7pm there will be 80,000 live people assembled in free bleachers on nearby hilltops watching the frozen track. This is a free outdoor event for spectators.

2013 Red Bull Crashed Ice calendar starts with this opening event on Dec 1st, then continues through United States, Russia, and Switzerland to end in Quebec City in the spring. So although this extreme sport has international appeal and wide distribution, it begins and ends in Canada.

Kyle Croxall, the current World Champion, is from Mississauga, Ontario.